The Sgt Pepper Cover Story

George Martin on the creation of an iconic photo – “I suddenly realized with all those Sergeant Pepper moustaches where all that came from. I had an accident on a moped and bust my lip quite badly …and being always in photo sessions, we always had to do that, it was very embarrassing to have this big fat lip, so…

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Straight out of the 60s

Found photos of women in the 1960s – Vintage style in amateur found photos of women in the 1960s. 1960s women’s clothing, hair and makeup looks captured in magical Kodachrome color .What they wore at home, for evening wear, at the beach. Another fashion time capsule. You’ll find the originals on Ebay and Etsy if you’re not too late. Just search…

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1962 Fashion Show for the 3 Basic Figures

Airport Chic from the 1960’s Kennedy Era A 1960s fashion infomercial by Johnston Wax presented as a women’s reality TV show. All that hairspray !! Every woman has her own figure and there is a correct colored clothing to enhance each figure. In addition, we’re going to give you advice on color, line and texture in each of three basic…

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1960s College Campus Fashion

Mary Baldwin Girls in the 1960s – Continuing our peeks over the decades of student style from the students of Mary Baldwin College. These photographs from the iconic decade of the Sixties are more casual. Typical 1960s hairstyles and clothing and a real sense of the genre of change that was the 1960s. That’s all ! ©Glamourdaze 2017 Images ©Mary…

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1960s Fashion – The New York Look 1969

Bold, Beautiful and Young – The London Look may have typified the mod Sixties, but now at the tail of the decade, it is America once again, on the wing of the hippy revolution, where style takes precedence. New York City is a costume party for the young this summer, a party that is taking place outdoors, on the streets…

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1960s Hairstyles - Six Summer Coiffures for 1962

1960s Hairstyles – Six Popular Coiffures in 1962

Kennedy Era hairstyles for summer – 1. Simple Oval. Full and rounded with ends turned under, its becoming to all except round faces. Hair is the same length all over with ends tapered for a curved effect. It’s brushed back from a pivot point in centre of forehead with crown hair pushed forward for fullness in front. To Set: Roll…

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When Marilyn posed as Jackie

6 Weeks before she died, Marilyn jokes around – Photographs found in a flea market in 2001 from that famous “last sitting” showed Marilyn Monroe in a black wig à la Jackie Kennedy. June 1962- In Marilyn Munroe‘s very last photo session in which she agreed to sit for Vogue magazine, photographer Bert Stern was given the assignment. He was to be…

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When Beehive Hairdos Ruled the Earth

The Woman who invented the Beehive – “It was an instant hit,” said Margaret Vinci Heldt, Chicago hairdresser and inventor of the iconic beehive hairdo “It made women feel taller, more elegant and seriously glamorous.” Amy Winehouse, Adele, even Marge Simpson all owe a debt to this lady. This is the short inside story to how the ‘beehive hairdo‘ came into…

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Vidal Sassoon works his scissors in 1965

The Hair wizard in his New York Salon – “Famous folks think their names mean a lot to snobby hairdressers.Well, they do to me too – until they get past the reception desk. At that point they can forget who they are – because they’re mine !” declares Vidal Sassoon emphatically. The London hairdresser, already famous in Europe, has two haircutting salons…

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‘Sassoon Cut’ Triplets – New York 1964

New York triplets import Vidal Sassoon – Curled and puffed-up hair is out, and the smooth-and-sleek retro bobbed look is in. To make triply sure everybody gets the message straight, from London, here are the Dees sisters of New York. The Dees Triplets were featured some 9 years ago in Life Magazine the day they cut their hair short and started…

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