Beach Pants and Vintage Swimsuits of the 1930’s

1930's beach pants

1930’s fashion film featuring vintage swimsuits, beach pants, beach skirts and play suits. Remastered and colorized by Glamour Daze. Watch Beautiful Vintage Swimsuits | 1930’s Fashion Top 1930’s Beach Fashions and Swimsuits The very latest thing. A printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body. Over this is a linen cape. Next, a one …

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Summer Dresses 1931 – 1930’s Fashion Report

Summer Swimwear 1931 - Dorothy Jordan

1930’s Summer Dresses 1931 Summer Dresses 1931. Hollywood stars Anita Page, Dorothy Jordan and Leila Hyams model the latest summer suits and swimwear Left: Anita Page makes a charming appearance in a one piece jersey dress of white, featuring a short sleeved bolero jacket of brown. The brown shade being carried out in the belt …

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1930s Swimsuit Fashions


Beautiful Vintage Swimsuit Styles from 1936 – Brighten your whole summer with a complete wardrobe of stunning inexpensive 1936 swimsuits from U.S. Waterwear. A. A lovely one-piece with fishnet inserts under the attached skirt. A patented Howland watertight cap in the new herring-bone Krepe-Tex. Gay nautical decoration. B. A two-piece swimsuit in entrancing solid colors, …

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1930s Swimsuit Fashion – Hollywood 1934


Hollywood Styles for the Summer Girl – Stop and stare glamour. Jean Harlow was snapped in this fetching swim suit as she sun-bathed on the edge of her swimming pool during a day off from filming Born to be Kissed. Muriel Evans created a sensation when she appeared in this smart new swim suit at …

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Technicolor fashion show – The Women 1939


Luscious costumes by Gilbert Adrian – “Bonjour Madam, Mademoiselle !It gives me great pleasure to take you on this adventurous little voyage into 1930s fashion land. But today ladies, as an innovation, you will see our models go through the rhythmic movement of everyday life, as it responds to the ever changing flow of the …

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1930s Fashion – Karen Morleys Girl next Door Style


The Woman Maketh the clothes in 1932- “Be nonchalant.” That’s the fashion creed of fast rising Hollywood starlet Karen Morley. In other words, Karen chooses her clothes with one effect in mind, a ‘careful’ carelessness. If you think that’s easy to do, you’re all wrong. It’s just as difficult, it requires exactly as much thought and …

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Vintage Swimsuit Fashion


Hollywood bathing suits and pyjamas 1930 – The newest in backless and sideless bathing suits demonstrated by Hollywood’s loveliest ladies. Above left Virginia Bruce wears a suit of red and white – the perfect eye catcher for the California sun. Stripes will be worn with plain trunks as also indicated by the new bathing suit …

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1930’s Hollywood Bathing Suits | 1932


A peek at Hollywood’s favorite swimwear Some of Hollywood’s brightest actresses model the latest in 1930’s Hollywood bathing suits. Including Bette Davis, Joan Blondell and Loretta Young. First up is Joan Blondell and the up and coming Bette Davis who both appear in this years Three On a Match. Here Joan sports a play-suit, and …

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The Perfect Retro Style Swimsuit for your figure


Retro Swimsuit Info-graphic  from Unique Vintage – Click to download full resolution: Our friends at Unique Vintage – that fine purveyor of all things retro for women of taste have a very clever info-graphic to help you choose the perfect swimwear to suit your body shape. Swimsuit for Small Bust Small Bust? No problem – …

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