1940s Fashion – Winter Underwear in 1942

In 1942, the outdoor girl dressed good and warm Winter underwear in 1942. The silhouette for 1940s foundation wear is breathing room for waistlines, beautiful, uplifted bosoms and a return to the straight and narrow for hips. Life Magazine in 1942 reports on ladies underwear for the ‘sports girl’. Photographs by Gjon Mili The female hothouse plant, that frail vessel of…

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1940s Fashion – The Wired Bra

Late 1940s brassieres eliminate straps – Bare shouldered fashions set a problem for foundation garment makers. This has resulted in the development of the strapless, wired brassiere – an increasingly important article of women’s 1940s underwear. This new and useful brassiere contains a single wire which makes an arch over each breast and a small loop in the center. Fitting…

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1940s Fashion – Waist Pinchers 1949

Corsets are back for Diors New Look – Wasp-waists, which began their fashion history 3000 years ago, call for a special garment to keep milady’s figure up to date with the New Look from Paris. Once they used torture instruments of wood and whalebone – today we have satin and lace ! OO-LA-LA! Very saucy – but very chic. The…

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Neiman Marcus Department Store in 1945

The Most Glamorous Department Store in America – Daphne : Where did Mrs. Crane go, anyway? Niles : She’s making her annual pilgrimage to the holy land. Martin : I thought Maris was going to Dallas to visit her sister. Niles : That is her holy land. It’s the site of the first Neiman Marcus. Frasier TV Series Episode:Travels with…

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A Brief Visual History of Lingerie

Sixty Years of Women’s Foundation wear – 1905 Corset Originating from England, this s-curve corset made with floral brocaded silk, silk ribbon, and elastic. The Edwardian corset rested low over the bosom and extended down over the hips. The straight-front, when laced up provided the infamous s-curve which pushed breasts out, stomach in and back arched. Although pioneered by female…

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1940s Fashion – 1948 Guide to Foundation wear

1940s Vintage Lingerie advice – Glamourdaze just published a page devoted to the secretive world of vintage lingerie. We’ve chosen excerpts from a book published in 1948 called Foundations for Fashion and provided links to our recommended supplier of faux vintage style undergarments. The guidebook – Foundations for Fashion is an excellent 1940s and 1950s lingerie and foundation wear tutorial…

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1940s Winter Foundation Wear Review

Straight from the Underworld – Nov 1940 – 1940s Winter Foundation Wear. Our time travelling beauty correspondent Carolyn Van Wycks reports from November 1940 with a quick perusal of the latest undergarments for ladies from the leading 1940s foundation wear brands. ” THE NEWS from the outstanding authorities on fall / winter foundation fashions this year is breathing room for…

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1940s Wartme Fashion – Laced Corsets

War Restrictions returns the laced corset – 1940s Fashion report – 1942 Women have been wearing them for about 4000 years but it’s less than 30 since they have had the painless variety. To most women, in recent times, wearing a corset meant nothing more that wiggling into a firm girdle, which kindly expanded and contracted with body movement. Such comfort…

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1940s Fashion – How to get Christian Dior’s New Look !

Corsets and padding for Diors New Look of 1947- 1940s Fashion – from – Two 1940s British models attempt to achieve Christian Dior’s New Look by wearing the latest 1940s shape-wear -From the Pathe’s film archive. With half of London still in ruins, and food and clothing rationing still enforced, this was more of a pipe dream for the average…

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A Brief History of the Bra – 1910 to the 1990’s

The history of the bra is inextricably linked with the social status of women, the changes in fashion, and the evolving attitudes toward the female body. This is a short visual history of the modern bra from 1910 to the 1990’s. A Brief History of the Bra Video Watch the full Brief History of the Brassiere Video. Herminie Cadolle, a…

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