Jackie Kennedy Style – January 1961


1960’s Style embraces the First Lady’s look – The spectacle of the First lady and her husband has set hearts racing for many reasons, but Jackie Kennedy fashion has set a look and style that is setting the national pace this year! College girls copy the Jackie style  casually, suburban housewives faithfully. Millinery shops are …

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1960s Fashion – The Chanel Look of 1961


It’s all about trim slim suits from Paris – Paris was rich with rumours of radical changes just before the fall fashion showings – frightening predications of dropped hemlines, wasp waists, even padded hips! Then Paris fooled the prophets. Skirts stayed short, waists remained sensible and hips were left alone. The Chanel suit will be …

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1960s Fashion – Autumn Wardrobe Plan for 1964


Autumn Dress Styles in the year of The Beatles – 1960s Fashion report by Everywoman’s Georgia Wells. The kingpin in every wardrobe for Autumn is – the dress, for which you can read – suit, two-piece, or jumper and skirt. Around this revolves the whole cycle of smartness, the clothes that turn your dress into …

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