Vintage Hair Styling Techniques

vintage hairstyling techniques

Vintage hairstyles never truly go out of style, now do they? Whether you have short, medium, or long beautiful locks, there are a number of vintage hairstyling techniques that date back to the 1930s,1930s, and 1940s that look fantastic.  Through special techniques like pin curling and backcombing, we can achieve these glamorized looks. But it …

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What Stylish Literary Heroine are You?

stylish literary heroines

What kind of stylish literary heroine would you be? If you were a character in a book. How would you be perceived, depicted, remembered? For many of the female heroines (and villains) out there, readers are told all they need to know about their character. Simply through disseminations of their visual appearance. What they’re wearing …

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Chaplin’s Film Debut in Color 1914: AI Restored

Charlie Chaplin brought to Life

An unknown Charlie Chaplin’s film debut in color – in front of unsuspecting crowds in 1914. Filmed in Venice LA, California. AI Restored to color and sound. Watch Chaplin’s Film Debut in Color and Sound – 1914 AI restored, colorized and upscaled to 4k resolution and 60 fps. An ambient soundtrack was created for an …

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Old Ireland Aran Islands in Color in 1920s

aran islands in colour 1920s

The Old Ireland Aran Islands in Color, filmed in 1929 by Movietone and AI colorized and upscaled with sound by Glamourdaze. A lovely short time capsule of the ancient Aran Islands, Ireland in the early 20th century.AI enhanced, colorized and upscaled to 4K 60 fps with sound.There are few image references or color photographs of …

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A Look Back at 80s Jacket Styles

Madonna - 80s denim jacket icon

Let’s take it back to the decade of big hair, neon colors, and classic fashion. The 1980s culture, makeup, music and films, are all making a comeback. From post punk 80s jacket styles, to 1940s inspired big shouldered power suits, there’s no denying that 1980s fashion was loud ! Indeed, we are talking about the …

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Snowball Fight 1929 – AI Restored 1920s Film

snowball fight 1920s

AI restored snowball fight in the 1920s brought to life by AO neural networks. Filmed in 1929 in Lake Placid, New York state. Time travel back to 1929 for some friendly snow frolics in Lake Placid New York State. AI restored, upscaled and colorized to 4K 60fps clarity with sound. A group of young ‘society’ …

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History and Trends of Fanny Packs

fanny pack bags

It’s common knowledge that the fanny pack, once considered a despised bag type, has seen a considerable uptick in popularity this year. The latest iteration of this hands-free accessory, seen on both models and spectators during Fashion Week, is much smoother and influenced by culture than its retro cousin (and is not necessarily worn around …

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