A Look Back at 80s Jacket Styles

Madonna - 80s denim jacket icon

Let’s take it back to the decade of big hair, neon colors, and classic fashion. The 1980s culture, makeup, music and films, are all making a comeback. From post punk 80s jacket styles, to 1940s inspired big shouldered power suits, there’s no denying that 1980s fashion was loud ! Indeed, we are talking about the …

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Snowball Fight 1929 – AI Restored 1920s Film

snowball fight 1920s

AI restored snowball fight in the 1920s brought to life by AO neural networks. Filmed in 1929 in Lake Placid, New York state. Time travel back to 1929 for some friendly snow frolics in Lake Placid New York State. AI restored, upscaled and colorized to 4K 60fps clarity with sound. A group of young ‘society’ …

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History and Trends of Fanny Packs

fanny pack bags

It’s common knowledge that the fanny pack, once considered a despised bag type, has seen a considerable uptick in popularity this year. The latest iteration of this hands-free accessory, seen on both models and spectators during Fashion Week, is much smoother and influenced by culture than its retro cousin (and is not necessarily worn around …

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Mesmerizing Gibson Girls – 1904 Restored Film

gibson girls 1904 ai restored film

Mesmerizing Gibson Girls. Our latest restoration and second attempt at restoring, colorizing and upscaling w/ sound, an early Thomas Edison film from 1904. Filmed at Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Cinematographer G.W Bitzer. American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. Captivating film of women at work in 1904 As I worked on this footage, frame by …

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Gibson Girls in 1904 – Edwardian Era Women

Edwardian women brough to life - 1904 film

Glamorous Edwardian era women brought back to life using AI neural networks.For vintage fashion lovers, these were the real Gibson girls ! Colorized, AI upscaled, and enhanced to 4k 60fps w/ sound using neural networks. Colorized, AI upscaled, and enhanced to 4k 60fps w/ sound using neural networks. Note the Edwardian era trumpet skirt, matched …

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Teenager 80s Fashion

80s teenagers fashion

A Stunning Look at 80s Teens Fashion When it comes to teenagers 80s fashion style, a few obvious style icons spring to mind. There is no doubt that Madonna, Jennifer Beals’s character in Flashdance. The club trends of the 1980s is an example of the bold fashion of the period. During the 1980s, iconic designers …

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Makeup Artist Max Factor in 1935

max factor makeup tutorial in 1935

A rare film of Makeup artist Max Factor giving a makeup tutorial in his studio in 1935. Enhanced with Deep AI Colorization. The genius of Max Factor captured in a rare film taken in his studio. Now Deep AI Colorized and Upscaled using deep learning AI. Young actress stand-in Pluma Noisom, gets the Claudette Colbert …

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Anna May Wong | AI Enhanced Video 1922

anna may wong

The trailblazing Anna May Wong, is to be commemorated by the US Mint. They will issue the first coins featuring an Asian American. Watch Anna May Wong – Brought to Life in 2022 An Asian American actress, Anna grew up in Chinatown Los Angelus. Her parents instilled in the young Anna, a love of the …

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Daily Beauty Routine of a Hollywood Star

Constance Bennett does her face

Daily beauty routine ( skincare and makeup) of Constance Bennett in 1937. Complete with attending house maid! 1937 4K Film – Daily Skincare and Makeup Routine Glamourdaze first published this vintage beauty guide in 2010. Now AI restored to its original clarity at 4K 60fps. Miss Bennett shares with us her basic daily skincare and …

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Swimwear and Fashion Trends of 1940

Esther Fernández

Lush technicolor Hollywood swimwear and fashion trends of 1940. Filmed in Arizona and New Mexico. The film features several young new Hollywood actresses modelling dresses, evening dresses, suits, swimsuits and summer sportswear. 1940s Swimwear and Fashion Film – 4K 60fps Actresses seen fashion modelling are Mary Martin, Martha O’Driscoll, Margaret Hayes, Virginia Dale, and new …

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