(1929) Vintage Facial Massage by Helena Rubinstein

1920s facial massage - Helena Rubinstein

Beauty guru Helena Rubinstein gives a facial massage lesson in her salon in 1929. AI enhanced with sound and color. Footage is courtesy of the Moving Image Research Collection from the University of South Carolina. Filmed on June 21, 1929. Helena Rubinstein beauty parlor–outtakes. Moving Image Research Collections. All rights reserved.Fox Movietone News Story 2-961University …

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A Walk in the Woods in 1900 | Paris France

Paris 1900 - AI Enhanced film

Time travel back 120 years to Paris for a leisurely walk in the woods in the Bois de Boulogne circa 1900.The Paris woodland and park was a fashionable promenade for Parisians of all classes during the belle epoch. A walk in the woods in 1900 – Bois de Boulogne Paris France This film is a …

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1920s New York Flappers | Saks Fifth Avenue 1927

1920s New York - 1927 film

Time travel back to 1927 for an immersive experience of 1920s New York. Chorus singers and dancers from the Earl Carroll Theater on Broadway. We join them for a stroll past Saks Fifth Avenue and St Patrick’s Cathedral on East 50th Street NYC. Created in association with the Moving Image Research Collections. GlamourDaze have up-scaled, …

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The Worlds First Dance Movie 1884 | AI Enhanced

Man and Woman Dancing a Waltz - c.1884

A pioneering motion picture and the world’s first dance movie- by Eadweard Muybridge. Now brought to life with AI neural networks. “Man and Woman Dancing a Waltz 1884” The Roundhay Garden Scene” (1888) and later the Lumiere brothers “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat”(1896) were not in fact the first motion pictures. Eadweard Muybridge …

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(1929) Meet some Real Flappers | AI Enhanced 1929

real flappers 1929 film

Glamour Daze once again take an AI enhanced trip back in time .. to 1929 to experience a live 1920s fashion shoot with some real flappers On display is a variety of 1920s fashion clothing: cloche hats, fashionable tea dresses and backless gowns. Also modernistic bathing suits, silk beach pajamas and sports dresses for golf …

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Young Women at Work in 1904 | AI enhanced Film

women at work 1904

An AI enhanced glimpse into the past. Women at work in a Pennsylvania electrical factory in 1904. Using deep learning techniques we can now get a more immersive look at early footage from nearly 120 years ago Preserved by the Library of Congress, there are several pieces of footage from a collection of 21 films, …

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