style tips for tall girls - Lauren Bacall

Vintage Style Tips for Tall Girls by Helena Rubinstein

Style tips for tall girls in the 1940’s that are just as relevant today. Who were the tallest actresses in 1940’s Hollywood? The “Forgotten Woman of America” seems to be the woman who stands five feet six inches or over. For, although 25% of American women are in this category, tall women are often awkward in their gestures, stoop-shouldered, incorrectly…

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Vintage Glasses – Top 20 Movie Appearances

Iconic Glasses and the Stars who Wore them – There is nothing like a trusty pair of glasses for an actor to assume a character. Oddly there have not been too many iconic performances by glasses on screen, and most of these are by men. For women, the total lack of vogue for eye wear was always a problem, and…

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Old Hollywood Stars wish you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Old Hollywood Stars Glamour Daze presents a special Merry Christmas from Old Hollywood Stars video, featuring some of Hollywood’s most enduring and loved actresses and actors from the 1940s and 1950s. The film includes James Stewart, Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, Carole Lombard, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck, Gary Cooper, Bette Davis, Myrna Loy, Laurel & Hardy,…

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Gene Tierney Leave her to Heaven 1945

1940s Style in Eye Popping Technicolor

Leave her to Heaven 1945 – John Stahl’s classic noir movie Leave her to Heaven, stars possibly the best dressed ever femme fatale – Gene Tierney. It was recently restored with the help of director Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation and has been rightly claimed as a forgotten masterpiece. It’s a feast for fans of 1940s clothing, hairstyles and makeup looks and…

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1940s Hollywood Spring Styles 1941

Actress Ann Rutherfords Spring Wardrobe – 1940s Fashion Report by Gwenn Walters – Vivacious Ann Rutherford gives you an exclusive preview of her spring dresses for this season. A parchment beige wool jersey sports frock is Ann’s first choice. Designed by LA’s Louella Ballerino, it is a two piece eye-catcher. The blouse, which features soft neckline, shoulder and cuff gathers…

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81 Hairstyles in vogue for 1940

A 1940 coiffure for everyone – The new bright star in the Hollywood firmament – Gene Tierney, is equally famous for the molten maple leaf colored quality of her iconic 1940 hairstyle. Sonnets have been written about a woman’s hair, and here we look at 81 coiffures, all in style for the new decade of the 1940s. If you think there…

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College-Fashions-for-Winter-1940 - Priscilla Lane

College Girl Winter Fashion for 1940

Priscilla Lane models four outfits – So you’re going to college ! ( left) Doesn’t Priscilla Lane look a dream in this casual all-day-round dress suited for campus and class? The long sleeved crepe blouse is a deep Hunters green crepe, while the Tartan skirt is of smooth wool in shades of green, orange, yellow and black. The plaid is…

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1940s Fall Fashions – Low Bosoms High Prices in 1946

More Women are buying more clothes for more money – In the country’s custom fashion salons and high-priced stores, with the post war fears of fabric shortages, business in fashion is booming .. and women are in a frenzy of buying, at least those who can afford it. Shown here are this falls latest silhouettes from top American designers, and…

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1940s Hairstyle – Copy The Top Hairdos of 1941

Follow Hollywood’s lead to 1940’s hairdos – 9 Top 1940’s Hairdos to copy. Hairstyles of the likes of Greer Garson, Laraine Day, Lynn Bari, Carole Landis and Eleanor Powell. Victory rolls were just around the corner girls ! Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940s fashion !! Hats and hairstyles of the 1940’s, have teamed up so you…

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1940s Beauty – Eye Make-up Lesson 1941

Mascara, Shadow and Brow Tricks – 1940s Beauty correspondent Carol Carter: Your eyes may be merry and soulful for the dark winter days ahead. But a little touch of magic from mascara, accents of shadow or wisps of brow pencil will make them appear larger, brighter, deeper and altogether more beautiful and exciting. This lesson is in two parts. The…

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