How to Do 1940’s Makeup – AI Enhanced 1946 [60 fps]

1940s makeup tutorial - AI enhanced

The popular 1940’s makeup tutorial, now AI enhanced using AI Deep Learning, based on artificial Neural Networks. We love how the new clarity at 4k 60 fps brings a new sense of realism to this beloved old film. What do you think? Ponds beauty consultant Mary Stuyvesant presented these lectures to girls schools across America. …

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Vintage 1940’s Makeup and Hair Tutorial

1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial---foundation

1940’s makeup and hair tutorial for Army Girls. A real treat for vintage makeup fans. Presented by the Hollywood makeup artist Ern Westmore. Courtesy of the Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Makeup and Hair Tutorial 1943 – Ern Westmore Watch the entire Vintage 1940’s Makeup & Hair Tutorial (1943) on our YouTube …

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How to be Pretty – Mary Stuyvesant 1940’s Beauty Guru


Mary Stuyvesant – American Beauty Guru of the 1940’s Mary Stuyvesant, now famous for her How to be Pretty and 1940’s makeup tutorial films on the Glamour Daze YouTube channel. Yet, until recently, she was all but forgotten and so little is known about her. Mary Stuyvesant hailed from England. She was seen regularly during …

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1940s Makeup – Beautiful Lips and Lipstick Tips


A few Hollywood exercises for glamorous lips plus tips on applying lipstick for your face and nose shape. What your Lips may say about you The face of a otherwise lovely girl can be utterly marred by lips that are too broad, too narrow or just nondescript. Hollywood stars like Marsha Hunt above, practice diction …

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Vintage 1940s Hair Tutorial Book 1943


Hats, Hairdos and Makeup 1943 An extremely rare and sought after beauty 1940s hairstyle tutorial book, with specific advice for your type in achieving the best 1940’s look. 48 Page Book. Do and Don’t advice for the 1940’s woman. 1940s Hair Tutorial Tips Complete Do and Don’t Guide for every face shape. Best Hairstyles. Best Hat …

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Vintage Avon Lady Beauty Tips 1946


Simple beauty advice for the 1940s woman – Elbow Tips: Keep them from getting rough by massaging Night Cream over them after applying to your face every evening. Cross arms this way and it only takes a minute. If elbows are dark colored, rub them with lemon juice once a week. Nail Tips: Frequent gentle …

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Avon Guide to Perfect Makeup Foundation 1946

Avon-Guide-to-Perfect-Makeup 1

Create the Perfect Face 1946 – The beguiling camouflage make-up foundations give fresh, even color to the feminine faces of more than half of the women today – a big step forward on the past three or four years in makeup artistry. Correct make-up for the 1940s is no longer a matter of a quick …

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Avon Lady – Rouge and Lipstick Tips 1939


Vintage Make-up rules on eve of the 1940s – Avon, a name synonymous with the beauty regimes of millions of American women from the 1920s up to the 1960s. Avon Ladies bought the company beauty products and sold them on their own time to their neighbors, often giving beauty demonstrations too. We present to you …

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Evolution Of Women’s Skincare


A Short History on Skin – By Jane Thomas Back in the early days of the 20th century, most women relied on one or two products or food ingredients to keep their skin looking its best. These vintage skincare routines have been passed down through generations, and some women still use some of the same techniques …

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Straight Out Of The 40s


Time Capsule of found photos of women in the 1940s Vintage Style captured in amateur kodachrome. These found photos of women in the 1940s show genuine everyday women’s clothing, hair and makeup looks taken in the 1940s era. There’s just something about these images that casts a spell over me. You can buy the originals on Ebay and …

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