Vintage 1940’s Makeup and Hair Tutorial

1940’s makeup and hair tutorial for Army Girls. A real treat for vintage makeup fans. Presented by the Hollywood makeup artist Ern Westmore. Courtesy of the Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Makeup and Hair Tutorial 1943 – Ern Westmore

1940's makeup and hair tutorial
The finished look – 1940’s makeup and hair tutorial by Ern Westmore

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1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial---foundation

Never use makeup as a mask. Use it to bring out, not to hide the natural freshness of your skin.
And use it conservatively.

Make up goes on smoother, and looks more natural with a foundation cream or liquid.
It provides a lasting makeup and protects your skin against wind and Sun.

Proper Use of Rouge

1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial---rouge-for-oblong-face
rouging for oblong faces

The wrong use of rouge can make a woman look hard or clownish. Cream Rouge is applied directly over the foundation. Dry Rouge is used only after powdering. To be effective, rouge and powder should not be detectable.

Never use too much rouge.You can always add more.Cream rouge should be applied with the fingers, and blend until no line of demarcation is noticeable.

1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial---rouge-for-oblong-face
rouging for round and square faces

Never use an elongated field of rouge on the Oblong face ! Always use a circle. Never use a circle on the round or square face. Use an elongated field to create the illusion of length.

Face Powdering

1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial- powder
face powdering

When in doubt for placement of rouge, smile and place it on the highest part of the cheek. One should always choose a powder that gives warmth and brightness to the skin.

In powdering, start at a receding point, such as under the eyes, hollow cheeks or receding chin. Never powder a large nose first. it will become a highlight !

Proper Use of Lipstick

1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial - lipstick
applying the correct lipstick when you’re a GI

Follow the natural line of the lips. Exotic lipstick shades are a luxury for army girls. They’re not cheap, and they’re certainly not GI. Bite gently on a piece of tissue to set the lips and remove excess lipstick.

Lipstick smears on handkerchiefs and lipstick rims on cups are not appealing.

Eyebrow Makeup

1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial - eyes
Keep it natural when you make up your eyes. bring out the inner you

Don’t tamper with the natural line of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows as nature made them, give expression and character to your face and are functional.

They protect your eyes from strong light and dust.

Nail Polish Tips

1940's Makeup-and-Hair-Tutorial - nails
Avoid talon nails.

These are the only articles necessary for good nail grooming, especially when you’re in the army.Talons are out, when you wear a uniform, and so is exotic nail polish. If you use polish, see that it’s

Hairstyles for Army Girls in the 1940’s

1940s hairstyles for army girls
Pageboy, Hair Roll, Bun and Up swept Hair

If you’re looking for a change of hair-styling to suit your face shape, and GI regulations.
Here are some popular choices for a girl to try.

That’s all !
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Footage courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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