womens hats in 1930

Womens Hats in 1930 – Fashion Film

Vintage Film – 1930 Women’s hats Women’s hats in 1930 moved away from the angular look of the flapper era to accommodate new fuller hairstyles. Glamourdaze presents a delightful vintage fashion feature from 1930 featuring women’s hat styles. The cloche hat that had covered all the hair and much of the face in the late 1920s did not disappear immediately….

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1930s Hairstyles – Detachable Braids

Hollywood Hair mode of 1934 – By Perc and Ern Westmore – Max Factor Studio Makeup Experts Summer ..new gowns … a brand new 1930s hair mode or could that be three? What’s going to happen to your hair this summer? Make it something exciting. Something different. You’re going on a vacation, so why not let your hair go on…

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A History of the Perm Hairstyle

The perm: from conception to current day- By Jane Thomas The history of the perm dates back as far as the late 19th century, but with data showing that 1.67 million Americans are still using home permanents and relaxers at least 6 times a year, the fashion is still prevalent. The changes in technology and attitudes towards safety over the…

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Makeup for Blondes – Max Factor Advice in 1935

Blonde Ann Sothern and brunette Marian Nixon – These girls are not pretty by accident, but by habit. They do the right things at the right time and so can you. You too can make beauty a habit ! I don’t know how many dark girls there are in the world. probably a hundred million – brown hair, brown eyes…

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1930s Hairstyle – May Day Hair Decoration – 1936

Chic Coiffure Accents in flowers, jewels and feathers – 1930s Hairstyles parade with Jessie Tait Nearly every head is now adorned these May evenings with ribbons, feathers, jewels, flowers and turbans, all decorating well-groomed heads. Colors usually match the evening gown, or the flowers or shoes worn. Jewelled clips, brooches, combs, and other hair-ornaments accompany smart evening gowns. Study your…

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1930s Hairstyle – A Smart Coiffure for Summer 1931

One Smart 1931 Hairdo for you to try – The bobbed hairstyle in 1931 still reigns supreme, but this year it has grown short again, the ends are curled, the neckline revealed ! Mary Brian demonstrates one of the new coiffures, which displays rows of flat curls that are achieved by moistening the ends of the hair and twisting small…

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1930s Hairstyles – Face Changes

Hair Line Can Transform You – 1930s beauty report by Carolyn Van Wyck Hardly a day passes that my mail does not bring a dozen or so letters asking me what can be done to change facial contours. Sometimes the letters will be from girls with long, thin faces and high foreheads. Often it is the problem of what to…

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1930s Fashion – Winter Style January 1932

Ruth Hall models latest mid winter fashion and beauty – 1930s Beauty report from Carolyn Van Wyck Already crowned Miss 1932, all the fashion periodicals are falling over themselves to photograph and dress the lovely Ruth Hall. Here she models two smart mid winter ensembles for Glamourdaze. Firstly to the left, for the cold January days ahead, a smart street…

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1930s New Years Beauty Tips

1932 Hollywood beauty tricks  – 1930s Beauty Report from Carolyn Van Wyck Our roving time travelling fashion reporter Carolyn dishes the beauty news from New Years Eve 1932. Will Joan Bennett‘s adoption of the beauty spot bring about a renaissance of its popularity? It’s often a fascinating accent for the right social occasion. Slightly extended eyebrows are invariably becoming. Gloria Stuart…

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Hollywood Beauty School – Change your Coiffure

Change your hairstyle regularly, says Hollywood – 1930s Hairstyle Report from Carolyn Van Wyck There are two schools of thought on the hair question. One holds to the idea that once you have developed a characteristic coiffure, you should hold on to it for dear life. The modern theory is for constant change. This gets my vote every time. With…

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