American Duchess shoes 1920s

Vintage Shoes for Women

Quality Vintage Shoes for Women By Alexandria Cannito for Glamourdaze Find quality vintage shoes from your favorite fashion era. Victorian, Edwardian to the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. Introduction Vintage shoes not only turns heads, but are unique in their own right. So whether you’re hunting for 1920’s flapper shoes, or 1930’s style shoes or 1940’s shoe styles, some opt to…

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1930s Fashion – Shoe & Hosiery Styles for 1936

June styles in Hollywood heels – Firstly, no summer season pair of heels is complete without a pair of extra fine gauge stockings. Try these silk stockings from Sears Roebuck. With fashionable seams and French heels, they look good in any pair of shoes. Heels, this season are news ! Spike heels are out. A lithe free carriage is the…

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High Heel Fashion in 1930 – Why Women Wear them

Sarcastic and funny article from 1930 – Out for a walk the other day in Central Park I encountered a pretty young woman, throwing bread crumbs to a flock of pigeons. She made a delightful picture. her fresh face was its own color instead of being violently rouged; her red lips free from artificial aids was anything but kiss proof;…

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Ginger Rogers favourite shoe fashions in 1936

Ginger Rogers feet are big news in across the globe – Ann Boyd’s 1930s’s fashion report for When Ginger Rogers was a child her great ambition was to earn enough money to have all the shoes she ever wanted. She loves them still! Sometimes she buys a beautiful pair first and then plans her gown to go with them. In…

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1930s Fashion – Carole Lombards Wardrobe in June 1932

Carole Lombard explains what she loves about fashion ! – Virginia T Lane – 1930s Fashion Report for Ten to one if you met Carole Lombard on a desert island, draped in fig leaves dashingly trimmed with red berries, you’d say: ” Now there’s chic for you! I must have a dress like it!” I know I would. Because this…

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Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s

See original post here: Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s It isn’t often you get a high quality fashion film feature from the 1930’s but Glamourdaze is delighted to present ‘Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s’. A sparkling fashion film featuring women’s designer shoes from the 1930’s. Other 1930’s fashion posts: 1930’s fashion –…

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Gorgeous Shoe Fashions ( Vintage Film 1936 )

1930’s Shoes for Women – Archive film “Gorgeous fashion in 1930’s footwear. A Rainy Morning, but no rubbers, but sure footing in shoes of gleaming water-proof patent leather – with the new pearl luster finish. A shining example for the new year. Oxfords and Pumps hold their own during the rainy season.And now with clear afternoon skies, it is time…

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1930’s Fashion – Womens Shoe Styles

 See also Gorgeous Shoe Fashions ( Vintage 1936 Film) 1930s Fashion – Glamour of Womens Shoes In the early twentieth century women demanded more comfortable, flat-soled shoes– that is until the roaring twenties when higher hemlines encouraged visible, elaborate, high heeked and slender Louis heels. The Depression during the 1930’s highly influenced shoe fashion in the USA and Europe as…

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