Evolution Of Women’s Skincare


A Short History on Skin – By Jane Thomas Back in the early days of the 20th century, most women relied on one or two products or food ingredients to keep their skin looking its best. These vintage skincare routines have been passed down through generations, and some women still use some of the same techniques …

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1915 Beauty Exercises for the Bust


WW1 Era girls sing to improve bust – Many women write and ask: “How shall I develop my throat and bust?” There is one simple exercise that, taken together with deep breathing, will, if persisted in, give any woman who is not in delicate health a fine throat and bust. Miss Irene Hough kindly consented …

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1910 – Seven Secret Edwardian Beauty Hints


Illustrated Beauty Guide from the Titanic Era – Some highlights from a 1910 personal beauty book by Margaret Mixter. You can find the full book on Archive.org.  A rare insight from the Edwardian Era,  into the beauty habits and secrets of Edwardian women. 1. Massage – Face,Neck,Eyelids,Arms 2. Giving a Dry Shampoo. 3. Manicuring. 4. …

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History of Makeup – A Lady’s Beauty Routine 1916.


The Daily Rituals of Beauty and Makeup in 1916. While the First World War raged on – America’s Photoplay flew the flag of glamour with this delicate  peek behind a society woman’s beauty rituals. The salon de beauts brings to the mademoiselle in distress all the fine art of beautifying and correction to which science …

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