Scary Cosmetic Masks from 1917

Scary Cosmetic Masks from 1917.


Beauty science has come a long way since these frightful Hannibal Lecter style rubber ‘cosmetic’ masks.
These images are to be found in Hygiene of the Face & Cosmetic Guide from 1917.

1917 Cosmetic Masks.

These were applications of mixtures, compositions or tissues which prevented the contact of air with the skin. The ( supposedly) acted in several ways:


1. By facilitating the penetration and absorption by the glands and superficial strata of the skin of certain compounds.
2. By quickening the functions and circulation of the glands, thus aiding to throw off substances which obstructed the skin and the epidermis. They were made of rubber.
3.The thinking was that they acted by their heat and humidity.


The “husband mask” of Poppea, was one of the most celebrated. So named because they were only seen by a woman’s husband, as they were so horrific to behold!


Vulcanized rubber masks were the most common ‘cosmetic’ mask in the 1910s. They were considered to be ‘quite effective’ in deep cleansing and purification of the skin, thus preventing blackheads, wrinkles, seborrhea, congestion, and all the usual skin eruptions.


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