Jean Harlow Plays Golf – 1932 Footage Restored

Jean Harlow on the golf course in 1932 color film

Jean Harlow, in rare color footage playing a round of golf in 1932, brought magically back to life using deep learning AI. Rare Footage of Jean Harlow – Restored using AI The celebrated Hollywood actress Jean Harlow was captured on film playing golf with friends in the spring of 1932. This footage has been revitalized …

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Women in Japan – Kyoto 1930 | AI Enhanced Fashion

women in Japan - Kyoto 1930

Time travel back to 1930 Kyoto for a fashion show by women in Japan. AI enhanced using deep learning techniques. Organised by women from the Young Women’s Christian Association of Japan.The YCWA is a nongovernmental, nonprofit membership association. It has promoted women’s full and equal participation in society. Footage provided by kind permission of the …

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Beach Pants and Vintage Swimsuits of the 1930’s

1930's beach pants

1930’s fashion film featuring vintage swimsuits, beach pants, beach skirts and play suits. Remastered and colorized by Glamour Daze. Watch Beautiful Vintage Swimsuits | 1930’s Fashion Top 1930’s Beach Fashions and Swimsuits The very latest thing. A printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body. Over this is a linen cape. Next, a one …

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Vintage Christmas

Two punk girls at Christmas 1980's

Continuing our seasonal trip through time to Vintage Christmas past with found photos of women at Christmas. The styles, the tinsel and the glamour 1990’s Christmas Photographs The 1990’s, was quite a mixed bag for fashion. A terrible war in Bosnia not withstanding, it was a time of optimism and wealth. The music was great, …

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Recession Fashion – 1930’s Dresses Take a Dive

1930's Fashion

Skirts Drop with the Index in 1930 Women’s Fashion of the 1930’s was inevitably influenced by the Wall Street Crash of October 24, 1929 and subsequent Great Depression. The Autumn, 1930 Sears Catalog admonished, “Thrift is the spirit of the day. Reckless spending is a thing of the past.” The beginning of the decade saw …

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Retro Sunglasses – Decade-by-Decade Vintage Style

Retro Sunglasses - Decade-by Decade Vintage Style

Wear the Correct Eye Frames to match your fashion era – Whether you’re a vintage clothing fan or just love retro styles, it’s always fun to take a bit from the past and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Each decade had iconic styles from the well-tailored looks of the 30s all the way to flamboyant …

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