It’s beginning to look a lot like Vintage Christmas

Continuing our seasonal trip through time to Vintage Christmas past with found photos of women at Christmas. The styles, the tinsel and the glamour

1990’s Christmas Photographs

The 1990’s, was quite a mixed bag for fashion. A terrible war in Bosnia not withstanding, it was a time of optimism and wealth. The music was great, the styles were getting better and the age of ‘vintage fashion‘ was born. Now you could mix and match any garment from any decade and get away with it.

Christmas 1990 - Photo by Maggie Metcalf
Christmas 1990 – Photo by Maggie Metcalf

Maggie Metcalf ( Flickr) talks lovingly of this jumpsuit she’s wearing. Inspired by the utility outfit worn by folks who jump from planes, it was the in style of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Christmas party dress 1993
Christmas party dress 1993. Photo by Jerry Hendricks
Gemma unwrapping Christmas presents in 1993
Gemma unwrapping Christmas presents in 1993 – Photo Paul Clarke
Georgie at Christmas
Georgie at Christmas – Photo by Paul Clarke

1980’s Women at Christmas

For me, the 1980’s was a mixed blessing. We yearned for the 1970’s just past, and we all worried about Nuclear War, not climate change. 1980’s fashion was pretty outrageous, from post punk style, to retro 1940’s style big shoulders and big hairstyles. Hairspray was used copiously. Then there were the New Romantics! Now I’m quite nostalgic !

Two post punk New Wave girls pose for Christmas 1980.
Two post punk New Wave girls pose for Christmas. Early 80’s we think.
Christmas 1980's. Woman posing with silly sunglasses.
Goofing around at Christmas 1980’s – Photo Paul Clarke
Christmas 1981. Woman by Christmas tree
Love her outfit. Photo by Mary Aguilar. Christmas 1981
Christmas portrait of woman 1982
Lovely photograph from Christmas 1982 – Photo by John Murphy

1970’s Women at Christmas

The 1970’s was many things for those who grew up in that decade, but Christmas was extra special. There were so many great Christmas songs which pervade the airwaves to this day. Seriously, who hears good ‘modern’ Christmas hits in the charts any more? We’re still humming those classics of the 1970’s. Christmas was a time to put on those glad-rags and party !

Woman in mini dress- Christmas 1970
By 1970 – the mini skirt could go no higher. Still the obvious Christmas party dress of choice though.
Woman at Christmas party 1970
Lovely photo by Barbara Ann Spengler. Christmas 1970
Mini's and boot - Christmas party 1970
Mini skirts and boots. Christmas party fun in Ashbey High street 1970.
1970's fashion - Christmas 1976
Christmas 1976 – Renick Family archive

1960’s Women at Christmas

60's fashion for Christmas
This photo is so 60’s. The Christmas tree is wonderfully awful.
Joan Holloway type - Christmas 1960's
Festive greens for this woman – Christmas 1960’s
60's flapper party at Christmas
Flapper party at Christmas 1961

1950’s Women at Christmas

Christmas belonged to the American’s in the 1950’s. They had more money than anyone else for one thing !

Stylish woman in pencil skirt - Christmas party 1954
1950’s elegance at Christmas 1954. Love that pencil skirt.
Two women with Christmas presents in the snow 1950's
Let it snow with presents. Christmas 1951
1950's evening dress - Christmas 1950's
Gorgeous dress and oodles of tinsel for this photo from Christmas 1955
Portrait of woman Christmas 1959
Great cameo photo – Christmas 1959

1940’s Women at Christmas

Portrait of woman - Christmas 1940's
Christmas 1948
Christmas party women 1940's
Christmas 1946
Young woman by Christmas tree 1940's
Christmas 1946

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