Jean Harlow Plays Golf – 1932 Footage Restored

Jean Harlow, in rare color footage playing a round of golf in 1932, brought magically back to life using deep learning AI.

jean harlow on the golf course in color 1932 film restoration

Rare Footage of Jean Harlow – Restored using AI

Jean Harlow is Restored to Life

The celebrated Hollywood actress Jean Harlow was captured on film playing golf with friends in the spring of 1932. This footage has been revitalized to 4K 60fps color through advanced deep learning AI, complete with added sound.

Harlow was at the pinnacle of her career when this footage was taken. Dressed in stylish sailor pants and flaunting her iconic platinum blonde locks, It’s a segment from the now obscure Paramount series, “Hollywood on Parade.” Towards the end, one can spot Paul Bern, Harlow’s soon-to-be husband. Sadly, he would pass away under tragic circumstances later that summer. Jean Harlow herself met a heartbreaking end in 1937.

Jean Harlow and friend Paul Bern - filmed playing golf in 1932

The Tragically Short Life of Actress Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow - Silver Screen 1932

Jean Harlow’s rise to stardom began in the late 1920s, after being discovered by mogul Howard Hughes. It was her role in the 1930 film “Hell’s Angels” that firmly established her as a major Hollywood player. With her platinum blonde hair, seductive screen presence, and vivacious personality, Harlow set a precedent for the quintessential Hollywood sex symbol.

Harlow on the Gold course in 1932

Despite her on-screen prowess, Harlow faced several challenges off-camera. Marital issues, a turbulent love life, and the high pressures of the film industry took their toll. Yet, it was her sudden and unexpected health decline that left the world in shock.

The Early Death of Jean Harlow

In 1937, while filming “Saratoga” with Clark Gable, Harlow fell seriously ill. What initially seemed like a minor health hiccup quickly turned grave. Diagnosed with kidney failure, a condition then poorly understood and termed “acute nephritis,” Harlow’s condition deteriorated rapidly. On June 7, 1937, the starlet breathed her last, leaving a gaping void in Hollywood. She was only 26.

Rumors and speculations about Harlow’s death abounded, from poisoned hair dye to various other conjectures, but the truth remained that a bright star had been snuffed out too soon. The film “Saratoga” was eventually completed using doubles and released posthumously as a tribute to her.

The death of actress J Harlow - news headline

Jean Harlow’s death served as a stark reminder of the fragility of life, even for the seemingly invincible stars of Hollywood. Her untimely passing underscores the importance of cherishing our loved ones and understanding the impermanence of fame and glamour.

Today, Jean Harlow remains a cultural icon, her legacy immortalized in film and pop culture. Though her time on Earth was brief, her impact on Hollywood and the world at large endures. This amazing little clip helps us remember Jean Harlow in her prime. It serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between the dazzling lights of stardom and the shadows of human vulnerability.

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