Shapewear – Vintage Lingerie Guide

Vintage Inspired Girdles

Shop vintage style shapewear and vintage lingerie. Bullet bras, girdles, and waist cinchers from What Katie Did, Rago , Pip and Pantalaimon and Bettie Page. Introduction to Shapewear Hollywood, during the 1930’s and 1940’s, without meaning to at all, brought about a revolution in the field of foundation wear. The stars didn’t like iron-clad girdles …

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A Brief Visual History of Lingerie


Sixty Years of Women’s Foundation wear – 1905 Corset Originating from England, this s-curve corset made with floral brocaded silk, silk ribbon, and elastic. The Edwardian corset rested low over the bosom and extended down over the hips. The straight-front, when laced up provided the infamous s-curve which pushed breasts out, stomach in and back …

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1950s Fashion – The Feminine Figure and Silhouette

Glamourdaze looks at the ‘golden age’ of the foundation garment – the 1950s fashion line – 1950’s Fashion – Women’s Figure and Silhouette. The new silhouette demanded a new figure and a veritable deluge of undergarments filled the lingerie departments. There were two distinct shapes,the waif like gamine figure epitomized in movies by Audrey Hepburn …

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