1950s Fashion – Hollywood Boudoir Style in 1954

A peek in to milady’s bedroom for some Hollywood boudoir styles in 1954 to see what enchanting attire the stars wear in the privacy of their bedrooms and homes. Janet Leigh prefers a wholesome look in this feminine blue night gown. But don’t forget to rub off that lipstick before bed Janet ! Left: Elizabeth Taylor wears the palest of…

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A Brief Visual History of Lingerie

Sixty Years of Women’s Foundation wear – 1905 Corset Originating from England, this s-curve corset made with floral brocaded silk, silk ribbon, and elastic. The Edwardian corset rested low over the bosom and extended down over the hips. The straight-front, when laced up provided the infamous s-curve which pushed breasts out, stomach in and back arched. Although pioneered by female…

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Waist Pinchers – 1947 – Return of the Corset.

The unnatural shape reappears in fashion – The custom satin and lace corset here sold by Saks Fifth Avenue, nipping in at the waist and flaring out at the hips represents the American woman’s willingness to compress, pad and otherwise distort her natural body into unnatural shapes dictated by high fashion. This year’s New Look from calls from Paris calls…

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1950s Fashion – The Feminine Figure and Silhouette

Glamourdaze looks at the ‘golden age’ of the foundation garment – the 1950s fashion line – 1950’s Fashion – Women’s Figure and Silhouette. The new silhouette demanded a new figure and a veritable deluge of undergarments filled the lingerie departments. There were two distinct shapes,the waif like gamine figure epitomized in movies by Audrey Hepburn and the more womanly hourglass…

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1950’s Fashion Secrets – The Body Beautiful

Vintage fashion advice from the 1950’s for the essentials of beauty. If you are keen on mastering the look of Joan Holloway, Peggy Olsen or Betty Draper from Mad Men, the following advice comes from women fashion writers of the period !Explore loads of other fabulous educational posts on vintage 1950’s fashion history Sophie Loren – 1950’s Beauty Icon 1950s…

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