A Look Back at 80s Jacket Styles

Madonna - 80s denim jacket icon

Let’s take it back to the decade of big hair, neon colors, and classic fashion. The 1980s culture, makeup, music and films, are all making a comeback. From post punk 80s jacket styles, to 1940s inspired big shouldered power suits, there’s no denying that 1980s fashion was loud ! Indeed, we are talking about the …

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Teenager 80s Fashion

80s teenagers fashion

A Stunning Look at 80s Teens Fashion When it comes to teenagers 80s fashion style, a few obvious style icons spring to mind. There is no doubt that Madonna, Jennifer Beals’s character in Flashdance. The club trends of the 1980s is an example of the bold fashion of the period. During the 1980s, iconic designers …

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1980’s Fashion Show – Fall Dresses of 1986

Little Black Dress 1980s - by Ralph Lauren

1980’s fashion show displaying Fall dresses from 1986. Dresses from Mary Restivo, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Mary McFadden, Gloria Sachs,Carolyne Roehm. A 1980’s fashion show, presented in the Fall of 1986 by fashion spokesperson Aniko Gaal for the now defunct Garfinckel’s department store, joins presenter Janet Wood, in Washington DC. Broadcast in 1986 on PBS …

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Vintage Christmas

Two punk girls at Christmas 1980's

Continuing our seasonal trip through time to Vintage Christmas past with found photos of women at Christmas. The styles, the tinsel and the glamour 1990’s Christmas Photographs The 1990’s, was quite a mixed bag for fashion. A terrible war in Bosnia not withstanding, it was a time of optimism and wealth. The music was great, …

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