Paris 1939 – The Eve of War | AI Enhanced Film

A snapshot of Paris 1939, on the eve of World War Two. This rare color footage is a poignant reminder of the fragility of civilized society. Filmed in Kodachrome color by Benjamin Morris Gasul.
Donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Paris in 1939 - Before War. AI enhanced color film
Paris in 1939 – Before War. AI enhanced color film

A Glimpse of Paris in 1939

Paris cafe in 1939.
A Paris Cafe in 1939 just months from the outbreak of war

This is an excerpt from a silent family home movie taken by American citizen Benjamin Morris Gasul (1898-1962). While his trip to Europe included tourist destinations around the streets and cafes of Paris and Versailles, he also visited the Jewish area of Warsaw which he labelled ‘the Jewish ghetto.’ because of the poverty he witnessed there.
The film was donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum by Judith Gasul Simon, who was born the same year this film was made in January 1939.

Watch the Film – Paris in 1939 – Before War | AI Enhanced 4K 60fps Film

Paris cafe’s and the gardens of Versailles. A color film from June 1939. AI enhanced with sound

AI enhanced and ambient soundtrack by
Original footage : Sightseeing in France: Paris & Versailles – June 1939.
Camera Operator: Benjamin M. Gasul. Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive
Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the Gasul Family

Versailles - June 1939.
Versailles – June 1939

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