WW2 Women of Canada in the 1940s

Color Photos of Canadian Women during WW2 – Marking the release of our 1940s WW2 Women Memorabilia packs, here are some extraordinary color photographs depicting WW2 Women of Canada. which come courtesy of the Library and Archives Canada. As in Britain, the role of women in Canada changed dramatically during WW2. Like their British counterparts, …

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Conflicting Portrayals of WW2 Women in the 1940s


From unfaithful harlot to plucky Waaf – Conflicting Portrayals of WW2 Women On both sides of the Atlantic, there were many conflicting portrayals of gender roles,  femininity and female sexuality. All of these messages doled out by the official War Office propaganda machine. From the patriotic hard working WAAF, Land Girl and Rosie the Riveter …

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WAVES & SPARS – 1940s Uniform Fashion

WAVES Summer Uniform

Glamour Girls of the US Navy – WAVES Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, otherwise known as the WAVES brought thousands of young women in to the Women’s Reserve of the U.S Navy. They were assigned full military status, including ranks, and notably were the first to enlist African American women, albeit in the latter years …

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1940s British Women on the Home Front


Rare images of British women on the home front – Women on the home front Marking the release of our 1940s Wartime Women’s guides pack, here are some amazing images of women on the home front in Britain during the Blitz. See the Imperial War Museum who curate a rare series of color transparency slides. We …

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