A Visit to a 1950’s Women’s Beauty Salon

1950's beauty salon

A lovely glimpse inside a 1950’s beauty salon, with beauticians doing facials, hair styling, manicures and makeup. 1950’s Beauty and Hair Salon Video Take a trip on a time machine and visit a 1950’s beauty salon. Remastered and colorized by Glamour Daze. The transformation that can take place in a young woman’s appearance, simply by …

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1950s Fall Makeup – Three Hollywood Stars 1959

Fall makeup 1950s - Kim Novak

1950s fall makeup looks of Kim Novak, Debbie Reynolds and Sandra Dee. The Fresh Look, the romantic look and the kookie look. The 1950’s makeup look straight from Hollywood. “Every woman can be beautiful”. That’s what Richard Smith, 20th Century Fox make-up artist says.“If she has patience with her makeup and learns to stress her …

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How to Look Like a 1950s Pinup Girl


Elaine Stewart’s weekly boudoir beauty routine of 1954 Hollywood actress Elaine Stewart shares her six point weekly beauty plan on how to look like a 1950’s pinup girl M.G.M’s newest 1950’s pinup Elaine Stewart, smiles and says ” I have no beauty secrets – no special creams made for me at midnight by a mermaid …

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Steps to a Perfect Vintage Makeup Face


Vintage makeup tips every woman should learn What types of makeup foundations are there? Cream rouge over foundation Eye shadow basics you should know Is it necessary to outline the eye for good makeup? What is the best way to apply face powder? How can I make my eyebrows look good naturally? How do you …

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Evolution Of Women’s Skincare


A Short History on Skin – By Jane Thomas Back in the early days of the 20th century, most women relied on one or two products or food ingredients to keep their skin looking its best. These vintage skincare routines have been passed down through generations, and some women still use some of the same techniques …

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1950s Makeup – Autumn Beauty Tints


Some glowing tips for Fall Beauty in 1959 – A warm and glowing complexion and hair brought to sparkling new life with subtle tints and rinses will put you vividly into glamour this autumn season. Try the effectiveness of this luminous autumn look by experimenting with the make-up colors suggested here. Brunettes with pale skin …

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