Flappers in the USSR | AI Enhanced 1929 Film

USSR Flapper

Flappers in the USSR ? AI Enhanced film of a very different side to the Soviet Union in 1929. Filmed largely in Odessa in the Ukraine. Flappers in 1929 in Odessa Ukraine | AI Enhanced Film AI enhanced and upscaled edit from the classic 1929 documentary “Man with a Movie Camera.”Directed by Dziga Vertov and …

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A Day in Roaring Twenties Berlin | AI 1927 Film

A Day in roaring 20's Berlin

Time travel experience of a day in roaring twenties Berlin. From dawn until dusk in three minutes. Berlin of the Weimar Republic was a multi-cultural city. Teeming with flappers,bobbed hair,cloche hats, and the dancing girls of Berlin’s infamous Cabaret scene. Roaring Twenties Berlin – AI Enhanced 1927 Film This is a short AI enhanced edit …

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[4k 60 fps] 20’s Fashion brought to Life | 1927 Film

1920's fashion film

20’s fashion film brought to life with AI upscaling to 4k at 60 fps. Hollywood actresses model cloche hats and flapper dresses in 1927. A full restoration of this rare 20’s fashion film – from 1927 to be exact. It features Hollywood actresses Corliss Palmer, Raquel Torres,Laura La Plante, Ruth Elder and Edna Murphy. The …

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Top 1920’s Fashion Trends for Women

1920's fashion trends

There was much more to 1920’s fashion trends, than flapper slang, and dancing to the Charleston ! What to wear and where to buy. We put together a vintage carousel slide projection, which takes you through all the popular fashion trends of the 20’s. You can read the concise illustrated history of 1920’s fashion. But …

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Singin’ in the Rain made 1920’s Flapper Style Fun

Singin' in the Rain makes the 1920's Flapper Style fun

Singin’ in the Rain remains not only a masterpiece of cinema, but is an unmatched tribute to 1920’s flapper style. Costumes designed by Walter Plunkett. Singin’ and Dancing in the Rain As one who loathes musicals, I have to admit to having a special place in my heart for this masterpiece of cinema.I defy anyone …

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Vintage Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Vintage Style Wedding Find the vintage style bridesmaids dresses you’ve been dreaming of. Glamour Daze examines gowns from two glamorous eras – namely the Titanic era of the 1910s and the Roaring 1920s. A Vintage Wedding Theme Weddings are the perfect way to express your individual sense of style. For brides …

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Flapper modeling Gatsby Style 1920s Jewelry – Color Film

Flapper models Gatsby 1920s Jewelry

1920s Jewelry being modeled by young flapper – A rare little two tone color film shows a young woman in typical  flapper evening attire, modeling her 1920s jewelry. 20th century jewelry is now synonymous with the 1920s flapper. Jewellery in the Great Gatsby Era depicted the modern woman married to geometric designs of automobiles and …

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Travis Banton – When Fashion Made Hollywood

Marlene Dietrich 1930---Travis-Banton

Inside Story by the famous Hollywood Costume Designer Travis Banton, and the glamorous stars he dressed, including Marlene Dietrich and Clara Bow by Judy Lang Hunt What were Hollywood’s leading ladies really like? Reminisces from one of the great Hollywood fashion gurus Travis Banton and how he helped some of Hollywood’s most glamorous women find their …

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1920s Fashion – 1920’s Dress for your Silhouette


Choosing the 1920’s dress for your figure When planning a 1920’s fashion wardrobe or selecting a 1920’s dress , the body should be thought of as a unit.1920’s dress garments, should be chosen, not as an isolated hat, blouse or skirt, but as part of a whole scheme.The main parts of the 1920s silhouette are:1. The …

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1920’s Winter Fashion from Paris

Designer Winter Fashion - Brandt

Fashion Report 1926 – Designer Winter Frocks- The tendency to be tailored is favored by the top designers in Paris this season. Straight line models with long sleeves, either fitting snugly to the arm or slightly full, are particularly appropriate for the street and for informal afternoon wear. These dresses are exceedingly smart in silhouette …

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