1940s Fashion – Colorful Stockings and New Shoes 1948


Shoes and Stockings for a new Silhouette in 1948 Shoes and stockings 1948. For the first time in 10 years, skirts are so long and full that women can no longer draw attention to their legs by just having them. A host of new shoes and colorful stockings have met the challenge. All designed to …

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The True Story of the Debut of Nylon Stockings


The Nylon hosiery sensation of 1940 The story of how Nylon stockings shook the fashion world. Who created Nylons and the seismic impact they had on women. Up to 1940, the most a woman could expect of a three threaded silk stocking was about 150 hours of wear. A glamorous two-thread stocking might, with luck, …

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1940s Fashion – Liquid Stockings for Summer


Sheer Stocking Solution in 1940 – When the temperature warms, a woman has three choices when it comes to leg beauty: stockings ( cotton, silk, or the new Nylon); she can go bare legged, or she can paint on a variety of cosmetic liquid stockings. Above are a comparison. To the male eye a pair …

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1940s Glamour – Betty Grables Legs


Actress legs achieve landmark stature – Life Magazine -June 1943 Other actresses with handsome legs have gone far, but Betty Grable has made the leg a national landmark. At Grauman’s Chinese Theater recently, instead of the traditional signature, Betty doodled a drawing of her legs instead. She is the US forces number one pin-up girl. …

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1940s War fashion – Liquid Stockings


New Leg makeup replaces nylon hosiery – 1940s fashion report for Glamourdaze The Girl in this picture has solved a problem. She has just completed a perfect make-up job on her bare legs. If she watches her step, keeps out of dirt and puddles, takes lukewarm showers ( but no baths ), these “liquid stockings …

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1940’s Wartime Fashion – Paint your own stockings!


1940’s War Fashion – Paint your own stockings! Q: What’s a 1940s wife more afraid of finding on her man than lipstick on his collar? A: Leg paint on his back! [Quote from Oak tree Vintage ] The Great Stocking Shortage. Nylon stockings exploded into the average American woman’s life in 1939, when Dupont began …

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Uncle Sam needs your Stockings !


Stockings for the war effort Uncle Sam decided that stockings would be put to much better use in the war, than as women’s apparel. Namely – for converting into powder bags which were used to propel missile projectiles in US Navy Guns. How romantic is that !?  In 1942, depots appeared everywhere appealing to women …

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1940’s Fashion – Betty’s Winter Wardrobe Plan 1948


Winter fashion wardrobe in 1948 – Following on from the earlier 1940’s Fashion – A Young Woman’s Wardrobe Plan from 1947. Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940’s fashion. Is your seasonal 1940s wardrobe just a haphazard collection of outfits thrown together, or a complete and harmonious set of carefully chosen garments that …

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