Womens Hats in 1930 – Fashion Film

womens hats in 1930

Vintage Film – 1930 Women’s hats Women’s hats in 1930 moved away from the angular look of the flapper era to accommodate new fuller hairstyles. Glamourdaze presents a delightful vintage fashion feature from 1930 featuring women’s hat styles. The cloche hat that had covered all the hair and much of the face in the late …

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Fall Styles in 1937


1930’s Style Report by Carolyn Wicks – Just look at lovely June Clayworth who offers us some interesting new styles from her Autumn wardrobe. From the left, this checked knit dress has yellow and green predominating. To the right, the leather bows on this black wool dress are very new. A leather hat matches the …

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1930s Fashion – A Hollywood Summer Wardrobe


Clothes for Daytime and Playtime July 1932 1930s Fashion Report for Glamourdaze. Adrienne Dore is 5 feet 4 . Her golden blonde curls and green eyes furnish the basis for a number of interesting color combinations here. She’s slim but by no means thin, likes to wear clothes that make her look taller. She buys …

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Summer Frocks 1931

Two summer gowns by Joan Crawford in 1931

Hollywood sets the 1930s mode – Lilyan Tashman‘s Style Lovely Lilyan Tashman starts off our little fashion show with these two stunning outfits. Left: Miss Tashman in a spectator sport costume of dust blue and white. Over a frock of dust blue roma crepe, bound with silk braid at the hem, Miss Tashman wears a …

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Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool

Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool

Vintage 1920s/1930s color matching guide – These handy little color harmony charts fell out of my copy of The Art of Sewing and Dress Creation, a manual sold with the Sears clothing catalogues in 1929 and 1930. The Brunette Type Your color – Black or brown hair, brown or black eyes, olive skin – Makeup …

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1930s Fashion – Spring Lines for 1931


A preview of Hollywood Spring styles – 1930s fashion report by Rosalind Shaffer With the overwhelming changes in fashions that have taken place during the past year, women have been jarred out of all the pleasant paths of fashion in which they have been accustomed to walk. On all sides is the wail, ” The …

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1930s Fashion – Winter Suits in 1936


Hollywood’s latest styles in suits and coats – Claudette Colbert, caught in color on her way to the races at Santa Anita, in a sports outfit designed by Irene of Bullocks Wilshire. Her coat is a vibrant green with red-brown flared skirt and lumber jacket blouse of dull raspberry. A pheasant’s feather trims her smart …

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1930s Fashion Spotlight – Tala Birell


Two vintage outfits for the Tall Slim Girl – Nov 1932 – If you are a small girl with a retrousse nose, well and good. You’ll find plenty of stars are of that description and their clothes ideas will help you out. But if you have a tall graceful figure, oval shape and well defined …

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1930s Fashion – The Debs Winter Wardrobe


Romantic winter modes for 1931 – We asked actresses Marian Marsh, Loretta Young, Ruth Hall and Estelle Taylor and Karen Morley to model what the fashionable young woman will be wearing to college this winter. The girls went to Manhattan to select their favourite outfits to stroll Park Avenue in. Loretta Young models a fur coat …

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Autumn Modes – Fall Fashion in 1930


Hollywood’s Loretta Young poses – 1.To the left above, Miss Loretta Young wears a stunning new fall coat modelled of brown duvet with seams forming the new princess line. Kolinsky cuffs and collar add a touch of luxurious warmth. To the right, a smart street frock worn by Miss Young boasts cap sleeves embroidered in …

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