Top Summer Dresses from 1940 to be Seen In the USA

Summer Dresses from 1940. A peek at the top 1940’s fashion picks for women in the United States on the eve of WW2

Some Fashionable Summer Dresses to Wear

Summer Dresses from 1940

Go to the Zoo looking cute as a cricket in blue-and-white chambray, striped to beat the band, with a starched pique collar. Saks – 34th St, New York. Add to it, Debway’s crown-less pique hat and a matching Leading Lady handbag. Sports pumps. Franklin Simon, New York.

1940's Summer Dresses

Take a bus ride and see how different things are on a quiet, sleepy Sunday afternoon. Nothing sleepy about you, lets hasten to add, with a wool coat thrown over a merry maid shirtwaist dress of tissue gingham, buttoned to hem. Dress from Hahne and Co, Newark. Debway coconut straw hat

Cooler Colors for Summer Dresses

1940's Summer Dresses

Left: Twenty degrees cooler inside – a bird’s eye pique suit with brave brass buttons. Wear it as a two piece dress, or change its nature with different blouses. Manhattan Shop, Hartford, Conn.
Right: Rayon sharkskin promises your own gallery for spectator sports. Eyes front, on pleats in the blouse, patch pockets, soft fullness in the skirt. J.L Hudson, Detroit.

1940's Summer Dresses

Left: Shades of the kindergarten in a pinafore dress. In sober moods, unbutton the ruffled suspenders. Switch shirtwaist about with other blouses. All made from Irish linen. Frederick and Nelson, Seattle.
Right: Pique dresses up for tea, or any Sunday afternoon – a marvelous background dress for important accessories. Irish lace cuts coolly through the skirt and bodice. Kaufmann’s, Pittsburgh. Both models are wearing Ansonia De Luxe shoes.

Cafe Style

1940's cafe style dress

Dine outdoors like a true continental. Look like one in a silk marquisette, shadow-sheer with tuck on sleeves and skirt. She wears a Delmonte green shantung hat.

1940’s Sailor Dress and Discovery Frock

Summer Dresses from 1940

Left: Discover the city in a Frock Discovery. Ann Foster’s black spun rayon classic summer dress with an amusing belt. Dress and belt from Bloomingdale’s New York. Ice link jewelry from Silson.
Right:Pull an oar in Central Park and collect a little sunburn in a bonny sailor dress of blinding white rayon shark-skin. Navy blue braid navigates the circular skirt and collar. Abraham & Strauss, Brooklyn.

Ride Tandem in the Park

Summer Dresses from 1940

Stop the traffic in a ( left) striped chambray pinafore and bonnet swiped straight from the kindergarten. Or as a stripling lad in slim tickling overalls and denim blouse. Cotton Shop, New York.

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