Straight Out Of The 70s

Found 1970s Fashion in Kodachrome – Continuing our unearthing of Kodachrome and Polaroid time capsules, found on Ebay and Etsy. ( you can find the original vintage color slides on these sites if you’re not too late). In this post we move on to the sunny 1970s. The styles in the early to mid 70s echoed the 1960s with hippy…

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The Seventies Face – Make-up for 1971

Bold Experimental Colors from Christian Dior – 1971 – Not so long ago, a woman could achieve a new look by simply following the latest fashion trends and changing the color or style of her hair. Now makeup in the 1970s is playing an increasingly important part in the look of the ‘seventies’ and is designed to compliment and complete…

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Aladdin Sane Forever

Ziggy me – A tribute to the late great David Bowie and the iconic Aladdin Sane makeup look – One of the most iconic 1970s makeup looks ever. Created by Pierre Laroche. Rest in peace David Bowie

Jane-Seymour-1972 makeup

The 1970s Makeup Look – 5 key Points

The Era of Cream Shadows and Lip Gloss– by Besame Cosmetics Gabriela Hernandez Read more in Gabriela’s book Classic Beauty – The History of Make-up The 5 Key Points of the 1970’s face Shimmer Shadows are used on the eyelids with mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Eyebrows are kept natural, brushed, and tamed with ‘clear’ mascara. Light liquid…

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Vintage 1970’s Disco Makeup in 14 Steps

14 Step Guide to a 1970s Disco Makeup Look 1978 – Shape the eyebrows Brush the brows Moisturize the face Conceal under eye circles Camouflage nasty expression lines Contour the face Highlight the cheekbones Dab on foundation Gold Eye-shadow – light inside corners and dark outer corner Smudge on eye pencil Mascara each lash, upper and lower Define the lips…

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Free Yardley 1970’s Makeup Tutorial

Crash course in 1970’s makeup  – 1972 Yardley 1970’s Makeup Tutorial. Over on out sister site Vintage Makeup Guides, download a cute little 1970s makeup guide from way back in sunny 1972, the era of sheen and lip gloss, and shimmering eye shadows, David Essex or David Cassidy posters, Jackie magazine for British girls and the likes of Seventeen magazine for…

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