The Seventies Face – Make-up for 1971

Bold Experimental Colors from Christian Dior – 1971 –


Not so long ago, a woman could achieve a new look by simply following the latest fashion trends and changing the color or style of her hair. Now makeup in the 1970s is playing an increasingly important part in the look of the ‘seventies’ and is designed to compliment and complete today’s fashion.

To illustrate – here are some make-ups created at Christian Dior’s Paris Salon; some are soft and muted, others bright and striking, and one is just for fun !

Subdued or Vibrant Face –


The choice is yours. The soft look (left) combines natural eyebrows and shimmery blue lids with pale, dewy lips. By contrast, the striking look (right) has penciled brows, blue-mauve eye shadow, cherry-red lips, and vivid cheeks.

Dramatic or Demure Face –


The toning on the left face give a warm glow to a dramatic look. the use of gold and olive shadow accentuates the finely etched brows and the bright, glossy lips add a splash of color to the pale face.
To the right – the demure gentle face has an almost fragile look with delicate color for eyes and lips and the faintest blush to the cheeks.


Finally – a galaxy with a difference – a real fun face guaranteed to stop traffic, heavenly and worldly.

That’s all !
Australian Womans Weekly Jan 1971

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