1970's beauty pageant

Beauty Pageant – 1970’s High School Girls

High school senior girls describe their experiences as a Junior Miss.1970’s beauty pageant film showcases 1970’s fashion, 70’s hair and makeup styles of young women. Beauty Pageant Film 1970 It’s tempting to look on the beauty pageant with a jaundiced eye now, but in the 1970’s, as in the decades before, it was difficult for women to get to college…

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Work Dresses | What to Wear to Work in the 1970's

Work Dresses | What to Wear to Work in the 1970’s

A 1970’s fashion and style film on what to wear to work. Choose work dresses and outfits which are appropriate to your job. What Dresses Women Wore to Work in the 1970’s 1970’s work dresses. What to wear to work isn’t always on a par with a woman’s own personal style preference. The trick for work dresses is to find…

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Two punk girls at Christmas 1980's

It’s beginning to look a lot like Vintage Christmas

Continuing our seasonal trip through time to Vintage Christmas past with found photos of women at Christmas. The styles, the tinsel and the glamour 1990’s Christmas Photographs The 1990’s, was quite a mixed bag for fashion. A terrible war in Bosnia not withstanding, it was a time of optimism and wealth. The music was great, the styles were getting better…

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Hot Pants 1971 – Memorable 1970’s Fashion Trends

1971. The mini skirt could go no higher. So the tight fitting aptly named hot pants took their place. No other garment was as provocative or raised eyebrows higher Everyone’s wearing them in 1971 April 1971 saw the first regular appearance of the tight fitting, hip hugging shorts as worn by the dancers on BBC’s iconic Top of the Pops…

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Retro Sunglasses - Decade-by Decade Vintage Style

Retro Sunglasses – Decade-by-Decade Vintage Style

Wear the Correct Eye Frames to match your fashion era – Whether you’re a vintage clothing fan or just love retro styles, it’s always fun to take a bit from the past and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Each decade had iconic styles from the well-tailored looks of the 30s all the way to flamboyant outfits of the 70s. With…

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Photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas

Photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas

Vintage Photos of Women at Christmas Continuing our trawl of found fashion photographs, here are some photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas. The originals of which you will find on Ebay for sale. If you’re lucky! Here we picked some of our favorites spanning from the 1980s all the way back to 1910. 1980s 1970s Seventies fashion, previously disregarded…

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The Mini Skirt Shockwave of the 1960s

Coco Chanel hated them. London girls demanded them. Paris designers tolerated them. The 1960’s mini skirt had taken over the world. Who Invented the Miniskirt? The fashion elite will forever argue among themselves as to the so called inventor of the mini. The true origin of this devious little fashion item is much more obtuse. The Mini is often regarded…

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Straight Out Of The 70s

Found 1970s Fashion in Kodachrome – Continuing our unearthing of Kodachrome and Polaroid time capsules, found on Ebay and Etsy. ( you can find the original vintage color slides on these sites if you’re not too late). In this post we move on to the sunny 1970s. The styles in the early to mid 70s echoed the 1960s with hippy…

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Ode to the Sweater – Part Deux

More Free Patterns and more sweaters – Free to download – a classic 1939 sailor jumper pattern; a must-have for the summer ! The pattern is called Chic Ahoy – a jumper with a nautical air . Just click on image or link to download the pdf to your device. This one comes via Vintage Pattern Files, originally uploaded by…

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The Age of Fashion comes to an end

Necessity drives the future of Style – “There’s never a new fashion but it’s old” Geoffrey Chaucer What came before .. In 1902, a series of French postcards entitled “Les Femmes de l’Avenir” or Women of the Future, proved conclusively that – trapped as we are, in a linear dimension, few among us possess gifted insight into imagining the modes…

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