1930's Fashion

Recession Fashion – 1930’s Dresses Take a Dive

Skirts Drop with the Index in 1930 Women’s Fashion of the 1930’s was inevitably influenced by the Wall Street Crash of October 24, 1929 and subsequent Great Depression. The Autumn, 1930 Sears Catalog admonished, “Thrift is the spirit of the day. Reckless spending is a thing of the past.” The beginning of the decade saw women sewing more. Clothing was…

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The True Story of the Debut of Nylon Stockings

The Nylon hosiery sensation of 1940 The story of how Nylon stockings shook the fashion world. Who created Nylons and the seismic impact they had on women. As long as skirts are short, women will wear nothing but sheer, leg flattering hose. Up to 1940, the most a woman could expect of a three threaded silk stocking was about 150…

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1930s Fashion – Shoe & Hosiery Styles for 1936

June styles in Hollywood heels – Firstly, no summer season pair of heels is complete without a pair of extra fine gauge stockings. Try these silk stockings from Sears Roebuck. With fashionable seams and French heels, they look good in any pair of shoes. Heels, this season are news ! Spike heels are out. A lithe free carriage is the…

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High Heel Fashion in 1930 – Why Women Wear them

Sarcastic and funny article from 1930 – Out for a walk the other day in Central Park I encountered a pretty young woman, throwing bread crumbs to a flock of pigeons. She made a delightful picture. her fresh face was its own color instead of being violently rouged; her red lips free from artificial aids was anything but kiss proof;…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood bids farewell to the Short Skirt

Skirt hems drop dramatically in January 1930 – What did Hollywood most glamorous women think of the new longer skirt fashion of 1930 which heralded the beginning of the austere era? Photoplay Reporter Lois Shirley reports for Glamourdaze and shares the opinions of nine of the outstanding women of the screen – Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Nancy Carroll,…

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1930s Fashion on a budget – Secret Tips from Claudette Colbert

Learn to be glamorous 1930s style – on a budget!  – Claudette Colbert, star of “It happened one night” – tells Caroline Van Wycks, Glamourdaze’s time traveling fashion correspondent – how she learned to be glamorous when she was still a struggling actress with limited income. “What’s the use of talking about clothes when you haven’t the money to spend…

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Christmas Lingerie, Hosiery and Corsetry from Sears – 1933

Women in the 1930s cross America waited eagerly for the bumper Sears Christmas catalog- We take a quick peek at their underwear and hosiery selection from 1933. Every American woman knows the importance in maintaining her figure. With good shape-wear, your wardrobe immediately looks better on you. Now from Sears comes a new range in comfortable corsets– NU-BACK, which is…

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1930’s Fashion – The invention of Nylon Stockings !

The invention of Nylon Stockings ! The story of nylon, and subsequently – nylon stockings began with a gentleman called Wallace Carothers, whose team at DuPonts chemical company, after ten years of research in the field of Polymers, produced a fiber that was to replace silk in many clothing garments.After his lab came up with dozens of polymide contenders, Carothers…

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Vintage Stockings – an image and film history

1920’s hosiery ad – illustrated by Coles Phillips. Vintage Stockings History and Archive films The story of how hosiery developed into such a uniquely feminine piece of apparel is largely to do with the developments in fiber. During the late 1800’s, the fibers used in hosiery changed over from woolen to cotton. By the early 1920’s, women’s stockings were almost…

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