1940s Fashion – Winter Underwear in 1942


In 1942, the outdoor girl dressed good and warm Winter underwear in 1942. The silhouette for 1940s foundation wear is breathing room for waistlines, beautiful, uplifted bosoms and a return to the straight and narrow for hips. Life Magazine in 1942 reports on ladies underwear for the ‘sports girl’. Photographs by Gjon Mili The female hothouse …

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1940s Fashion – 1948 Guide to Foundation wear


1940s Vintage Lingerie advice – Glamourdaze just published a page devoted to the secretive world of vintage lingerie. We’ve chosen excerpts from a book published in 1948 called Foundations for Fashion and provided links to our recommended supplier of faux vintage style undergarments. The guidebook – Foundations for Fashion is an excellent 1940s and 1950s …

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1940s Fashion – Vogue Under Twenty Dresses


Four 40s frocks and their doll equivalents – One of the pretty young dancers of the musical show, “Panama Hattie,” is Miriam Franklin, who is wearing a buttoned-bodice dress of beige Juilliard wool and a black velvet halo-hat. Her costume and the others on this post were copied in miniature especially for Vogue. These are shown …

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1940 Vogue Fashion – Winter Coats and Dresses


Vogue Magazine of December 1940 – Fearless 1940s coats and 1940s wool dresses to please the eye and warm the heart ! Vogue Magazine 1940 for winter coats and dresses. The skirts were slim and pleated. Hair was swept up in a pompadour and hats were large Snapped at the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit, at the …

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College Girl Winter Fashion for 1940

College-Fashions-for-Winter-1940 - Priscilla Lane

Priscilla Lane models four outfits – So you’re going to college ! ( left) Doesn’t Priscilla Lane look a dream in this casual all-day-round dress suited for campus and class? The long sleeved crepe blouse is a deep Hunters green crepe, while the Tartan skirt is of smooth wool in shades of green, orange, yellow …

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Elizabeth Hawes – The Fashion Anarchist


Visionary designer forerunner to Dior – In 1938, a young American female fashion designer named Elizabeth Hawes, an author, a journalist, a political activist and union organiser with the foresight of Chanel and Dior and a razor sharp wit that made her the Dorothy Parker of fashion, published a book called Fashion is Spinach, a long forgotten …

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1940s Fashion – Cigarettes and the Slim Silhouette


When tobacco tied in with 1940s fashion allure – Whilst the War Production Board had begun pushing sensible restrictions in women’s clothing through its L-38 Apparel order, silhouettes had tended toward the slim side in tobacco advertising since the mid 1930s, particularly in Marlboro cigarettes, a brand, though chiefly remembered for its cowboy image of the …

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The Gamine Figure – The Second New Look of 1949


New Gamine Figure of 1949 turns heads American women, battle-scarred survivors of the 1947 style revolution, when the New Look took over, are hearing disquieting reports from the fashion front: Having made over their figures for the New Look, was it possible that they were going to have to do it all over again? The …

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