A Vintage Guide for Aspiring Fashion Professionals


Ah yes, the enduring allure of vintage clothing styles. Take the 1920s: Elegant beaded dresses, 1920s flapper style swimsuits. Not to mention the ubiquitous cloche hat. Every era has iconic apparel to inspire a new generation of fashion professionals such as illustrators, designers, and buyers. So let’s have a wee delve into the vintage past …

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Vintage Jewelry Style Trends that are back in 2024

vintage jewelry

2024 is no different to previous years. Fashionistas adore vintage jewelry style. From Art Deco compacts to signet rings, each jewelry piece carries a unique history and story.  Glamourdaze takes a peek at some classic and iconic jewellery pieces which never go out of style. Iconic Vintage Jewelry for your Wardrobe Vintage up your wardrobe …

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Sustainable Fashion from Stock Clothing

sustainable fashion from stock clothing

The world of stock clothing now opens doors sustainable fashion lovers. If you love quirky vintage styles, and prefer ethical alternatives to traditional high street shopping. If you love quirky vintage styles, and prefer ethical alternatives to traditional high street shopping. consumers to make conscientious choices. All without emptying your purse Understanding the Stock Clothes …

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How to Wear Vintage Clothing in Modern Outfits 

how to wear vintage

How to wear vintage clothing with your daywear. A few simple style tips for adding some classic timeless chic to your daily wardrobe. Sometimes it seems that everyone is dressed exactly the same. Regardless of the countless trends and numerous online shops that sell the same boring pieces. If you are looking for a way …

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An Easy 1920s Makeup Look Tutorial For Flappers

1920s makeup look for flappers

An easy roaring 1920s makeup look for flappers to try. The cupid’s bow lips, thin, straight or arched brows and rouged cheeks. Tutorial by Irina @RetroFrog on YouTube. How to Create the Perfect Roaring 20s Flapper Face Cosmetics used for this 1920s makeup tutorial Early 1920s Silent Film Vamp Makeup Look Theda Bara, who first …

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5 Pieces of Classic Jewelry Every Girl in Her 20s Should Have

5 classic pieces of Jewelry every girl should have

5 classic jewelry items every girl in her 20s should invest in for a truly timeless vintage look. Building a jewelry collection in your twenties is just as essential as creating a smart wardrobe. With the numerous plastic or stainless steel pieces that we have on the market these days, investing in high-quality jewelry made …

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Easy Tips to Make Your Knit Sweater Look Fresh

aran knit sweater

Follow these easy tips to make your knit sweater look fresh, even after many wears of wearing. The iconic Aran knit jumper for women. Wool-knit sweaters should be in every woman’s clothing collection. They’re warm, comfortable, and forever chic. They are everything you could ever dream of having in a jumper. These pieces make the …

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