A Day at the Beach | 1899 Film Enhanced with AI

a day at the beach c.1899

A day at the beach during the summer of 1899 enhanced with AI neural networks. Filmed in Étretat and Le Tréport in Normandy France. AI Enhanced Trip to the Beach in 1899 Possibly filmed by Georges Méliès, the film starts at a train station as holiday makers arrive.Before the Riviera became popular, Parisians headed to …

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Japanese Geisha and Maiko filmed in 1900 | AI Enhanced

Geisha and Maiko in 1900

AI enhanced edits of some of the earliest footage of Japanese Geisha and Maiko entertainers. From the Meiji era, circa 1900 Japanese Geisha and Maiko Video in 1900 Many Japanese women wore the traditional Kimono, Obi or Furisode. This film clearly shows entertainers dancing to the accompaniment of two Shamisen players.The dangling Kanzashi on the …

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