Singin' in the Rain makes the 1920's Flapper Style fun

Singin’ in the Rain made 1920’s Flapper Style Fun

Singin’ in the Rain remains not only a masterpiece of cinema, but is an unmatched tribute to 1920’s flapper style. Costumes designed by Walter Plunkett. Singin’ and Dancing in the Rain As one who loathes musicals, I have to admit to having a special place in my heart for this masterpiece of cinema.I defy anyone not to be knocked sideways…

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Flapper models Gatsby 1920s Jewelry

Flapper modeling Gatsby Style 1920s Jewelry – Color Film

1920s Jewelry being modeled by young flapper – A rare little two tone color film shows a young woman in typical  flapper evening attire, modeling her 1920s jewelry. 20th century jewelry is now synonymous with the 1920s flapper. Jewellery in the Great Gatsby Era depicted the modern woman married to geometric designs of automobiles and architecture. The 1920s style is…

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Find the Perfect 1920s Flapper Shoe Style to Fit

Royal Vintage Shoes for the Flapper Relive the spirit of the Jazz age and wear the perfect pair of vintage inspired shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes, to match your original vintage or retro style flapper dress. 1920s fashion was art deco style and with the rise in skirt hems, women’s legs finally made their proper debut. To match your pretty…

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The Flappers of La Vie Parisienne

The Art of Georges Léonnec 1920 – 1929 – Hollywood actress Mae West was most probably a fan of La Vie Parisienne. Her Art Nouveau inspired makeup, hairstyle and curves set her apart from her contemporary’s. She shamelessly echoed the Paris era of the pre 1920s. The risque magazine La Vie Parisienne best epitomized the era of the shameless flapper….

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Iconic Flapper Witches of the 1920s

Iconic Flapper Witches of the 1920s

The Ipswich hosiery ads of the mid 1920s – Ipswich hosiery began with a group of women in Suffolk Ma in the 19th century. By the 1920s the Ipswich hosiery mills were among the top selling machine wash stockings in the US, alongside brand leaders such as Holeproof and Luxite. Their Halloween ads which appeared in 1924 became a seasonal…

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1920’s Fashion – Four Paris Evening Dresses 1926

Four beautiful 1920’s Paris dresses – Evening Dresses 1926. The Paris designers are obtaining graceful effects in 1920’s evening gowns this season by the skillful use of hip-line accents either at the side or center-front. Sashes and draperies are used for emphasis of this silhouette and the effect is carried upward by means of delightful artificial flowers and ribbon motifs…

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1920s-Beauty-Etiquette - figure

1920s Beauty Etiquette for the Flapper

Some pointers from the flapper era – Excerpts from The Etiquette of Beauty by Dorothy Cocks 1927 Figure Fashion silhouette, in the history of sartorial arts, changes even more frequently and more radically than fashion in faces. It is is as if the mold, from which all women are turned out, were recast with every age.When swelling bosoms are the…

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Cable Girls | 1920’s Fashion with a modern twist

Las Chicas del Cable – Cable Girls Cloche hats, colorful flapper frocks and bobbed hair. What’s not to enjoy about the new Netflix produced series Cable Girls or Las Chicas del Cable– the frivolous title aside. Drawing some inspiration from recent films like The Changeling and the 2013 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, there is a feeling of the story having…

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1920s Women in Autochrome Lumiere Color

1920s Women in Autochrome Color

Rare unseen photographs of 1920s fashion – There are only a few really good color fashion photos from the late 1920s. Back in 2011 we featured some amazing color photographs of 1920s women in mostly rural or village settings by Clifton R Adams, and it’s hard to get away from these charming photos shot in Autochrome Lumière. Other photographers featured here…

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1920s Makeup Booklet for all Flapper Types

Vintage advice from the 1920s era – The leading seller of face powder in the post World War One era, and ‘liquid stockings’ in the 1940s, the Armand cosmetics brand is all but forgotten now. Here is an excerpt from their 1929 beauty booklet curated by Cosmetics and Skin. Develop your own Type – Cleopatra EYES – Accentuate the natural…

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