Hollywood Hair – Five 1960s Hairstyles to Copy

Hollywood Hair 1960

Which one of these famous 1960s hairdos suits you. Doris Day, Eve Marie Saint, Debbie Reynolds, Janet Leigh and Christine Carere

Janet Leigh – Hollywood Hair

Janet Leigh - Hollywood Hair 1960

Janet has one of the most casual, attractive hairdos in Hollywood today. Her hair is cut short in shaggy petals which she sets quickly and easily in rows of pin curls. To add height to her hair, she rolls the top and sides on small rollers ( under, as for a pageboy, and tight to her head). When she takes out the pins and curlers she brushes like mad, then she finger combs her hair into its soft looking, tousled pattern. So chic.

Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie Saint - Hollywood hair -1960

Eve wears her hair in a simple long bob. Like most blondes, her hair is fine, so she takes advantage of the home permanents made especially for her type of hair. The effect is loose and natural looking and only needs to be put up twice a week to keep it perfectly groomed. She uses the fat test-size rollers, set in two rows of vertical curls. The results: curving wave and soft, gently upturned ends.

Doris Day

Doris Day - Hollywood hairstyles 1960

Her short pouffe style is easy to care for. Straight across the brow, she puts a row of medium size rollers, all rolled under and in the same direction. When it is brushed out, this will give her the high effect she wants. She sets the rest in pin curls. Curled toward the face in front, in a double row across the back. The she doe sit in reverse for the bottom row.

Christine Carere

Christine Carere - Hollywood hairstyles 1960

Her hair is long in back and short in front, so all she needs to set is the front. She does it with a combination of pin curls and small rollers. She feathers a frill of hair bangs across her forehead for a romantic touch and often secures her back hair with specially designed jeweled clasps that hold her hair smoothly in place. An end permanent gives the body and control needed for hair worn this way. Hair spray keeps wisps in control.

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds - Hollywood hairstyles 1960

Debbie’s hair almost touches her shoulders – a very versatile length since she can wear it in a pageboy or, as here, in a French knot. Before she rolls the back section for a French knot, she hair sprays the front. Before the spray dries, she combs her bangs into place and presses the side wave into shape, by using the back of the comb.

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