Women in Japan – Kyoto 1930 | AI Enhanced Fashion

Time travel back to 1930 Kyoto for a fashion show by women in Japan. AI enhanced using deep learning techniques.

women in japan - ai enhanced 1930 film.
Kyoto 1930 – © University South Carolina. AI Enhancement by Glamourdaze

Organised by women from the Young Women’s Christian Association of Japan.
The YCWA is a nongovernmental, nonprofit membership association. It has promoted women’s full and equal participation in society.

Footage provided by kind permission of the University of South Carolina. Movie Image Research Collection / MIRC.

AI Restored – Kyoto 1930 – Women in Japan

AI enhanced footage of Kyoto Japan in 1930. Original footage © University of South Carolina

About the Film

YWCA member Mukaye San describes traditional Japanese dress. The Kimono, Obi sash or belt, zori slippers and the classic wooden geta sandals. In rainy weather, women wear taller geta shoes.

Kyoto 1930 - Japanese fashion © University of South Carolina
Kyoto 1930 – Japanese fashion © University of South Carolina

AI Restoration Process

  1. The film was de-noised, and cleaned of flicker.
  2. It was Colorized using open source models of Deoldify, Deep exemplar-based video colorization and Photoshop.
  3. The frame rate increased from 24 fps to 96 fps using the Rife App.
  4. The next step was to upscale the footage to 4K resolution.
  5. The vocal recording was separated from original soundtrack using AI. Remastered with new ambiance and music.
Women in Japan 1930
Women in Japan – Kyoto 1930. © University of South Carolina

Full Original Title and Description

YWCA Fashion Show–outtakes
Fox Movietone News Story 6-542. Kyoto (Japan).
Moving Image Research Collections. University of South Carolina.

You can read more on Deep Exemplar-based colorization.

That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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