The Trouble with the Bikini

Scant new French swimsuit arrives in the USA – Louis Réard, the French auto-mobile engineer and now fashion designer may well be cursed by some women since his invention of the Bikini swimsuit. A scanty two piece which leaves little to the imagination and is all the rage in France. Hollywood has adopted it as we can see from some of…

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Vintage Swimsuit Fashion

Hollywood bathing suits and pyjamas 1930 – The newest in backless and sideless bathing suits demonstrated by Hollywood’s loveliest ladies. Above left Virginia Bruce wears a suit of red and white – the perfect eye catcher for the California sun. Stripes will be worn with plain trunks as also indicated by the new bathing suit of Anita Page on the…

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1940s War Era influence on Swimsuit Style

Looming War impacts 1940s Swimsuits – Just months before the US entry into war, it appeared that patriotism was already taking a hold in the imaginations of American designers. From hats to sandals to swimsuits, the girls love it in the same way they love a parade. Swimwear is red, white and blue this year. By good fortune, the national colors make…

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The Perfect Retro Style Swimsuit for your figure

Retro Swimsuit Info-graphic  from Unique Vintage – Click to download full resolution: Our friends at Unique Vintage – that fine purveyor of all things retro for women of taste have a very clever info-graphic to help you choose the perfect swimwear to suit your body shape. Swimsuit for Small Bust Small Bust? No problem – choose swimsuits adorned with lovely…

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For Luna Swimwear – Gorgeous Esther Williams swimsuits

American actress and Olympic swimmer Esther Williams sits by her poolside in 1944. If you wish that swimsuits like this were still for sale – then you won’t be disappointed by visiting ForLuna Swimwear – who feature a number of droolable swimsuits from the Esther Williams range. Visit ForLuna swimwear. First up is this one-piece Emerald Green swimsuit which is…

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2013 Retro Swimwear Glamour – For Luna

Retro Swimwear Glamour – For Luna If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere of this fair globe we live on, then it’s getting warmer and you’ll be thinking soon of pulling on something fashionable and head turning for the beach this summer. There’s a plethora of swimwear supplier out there, but For Luna simplifies things. Their vintage style swimsuits – apart…

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New Retro Nautical Holiday Styles for 2013

Take a Retro Nautical Style Holiday ! Modcloth Vintage have launched a delightful display of nautical styles to get you into a holiday mood. We’ve picked out a few little gems for you to drool over! Nautical Ensemble. Author Outings Dress Its retro hue, lightly textured stretch fabric, and see-through, crocheted details make this dress as intriguing as your latest…

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Gorgeous Swimwear (1961 Film) – Go Retro !

1960’s Swimwear by Oleg Cassini – 1960’s Swimwear by Oleg Cassini – creator of the Jackie Kennedy Look. This rare vintage fashion newsreel from 1961 features some beautiful swimsuit designs from amongst others – the famous French-born American fashion designer – Oleg Cassini. His designs for the First Lady Jackie Kennedy became known as The Jackie Look and was a…

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Vintage Swimwear – Be a Retro Bathing Beauty

A short illustrated and film history of Women’s Vintage Swimwear. 1940 swimsuit Retro Swimsuit from What Katie Did Also check out out The Vintage Swimwear Fashion Guide Vintage Swimwear – A short history on film In the early 20th century, folks didn’t go swimming – they went bathing – which literally meant paddling up to the knees and no more…

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Vintage Swimwear Fashion Guide

Women’s Vintage Swimwear Secrets Before you go shopping for some cool Vintage swimwear or Retro Swimwear, why not sit back and learn a bit about what you’re wearing! Photo courtesy My Vintage Vogue Perhaps more than any other garment, the swimsuit has changed beyond all recognition in the last century. One of the most appealing aspects of early 20th century…

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