Beach Pants and Vintage Swimsuits of the 1930’s

1930’s fashion film featuring vintage swimsuits, beach pants, beach skirts and play suits. Remastered and colorized by Glamour Daze.

Matching white beach pants and top with blue polka dot vest.
Matching white beach pants and top with blue polka dot vest.

Watch Beautiful Vintage Swimsuits | 1930’s Fashion

Vintage Swimsuits of the 1930’s

Top 1930’s Beach Fashions and Swimsuits

A printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body. Over this is a linen cape.
1930’s halter top

The very latest thing. A printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body. Over this is a linen cape.

one piece blue swimsuit with halter maillot.
One piece 1930’s swimsuit plus cape

Next, a one piece blue vintage swimsuit with halter maillot. Over this a heavy linen robe with flared skirt.

Vintage 1940's Teal one piece swimsuit
Original 1940’s era swimsuit from Turtle Bay Vintage

Lovely vintage 1940’s Teal Swimsuit from Turtle Ray Vintage. Pretty, eclectic, and hand picked vintage clothing. They have a great selection of genuine vintage clothing.

1930's beach shirt and matching shorts
1930’s beach shorts and shirt

Something new in beachwear material. Both shorts and shirt are made of gabardine.

1930's beach hoodie
1930’s beach hoodie

If you really intend to go in the water, be careful of this one. A newspaper print suit with a matching short coat and detachable hood. Something to browse, while you stretch out on the hot sand.

One piece 1930's swimsuit in maillot style.
One piece maillot swimsuit

A lovely behemoth blue swimsuit with white tubular straps and trim in maillot style.

1930s swimsuit with halter top
1930’s swimsuit and halter top

Blue ribbed stitched maillot paired with a white sun back halter top. Lady lady! How this would have shocked your great grandmother!

beach pants in the 1930's
Flared beach pants

Check out these sailor pants from Green of Grey on Etsy. La Vie en Swing 30’s, 40’s, 50’s vintage style clothing.

1940's sailor pants
Sailor pants on Etsy

A nautical costume of flared pants paired with a matching white and polka dot silk blouse.

Striped maillot one piece swimsuit with wrap around skirt.
Striped one piece 1930’s swimsuit and skirt

And next a lovely striped maillot with a wrap around skirt.

white crepe rubber maillot swimsuit
white 1930’s one piece swimsuit

My favorite is the nautical costume. It’s so chic and those beach pants are exquisite. The 1930’s really was the coming of age for women’s swimwear. Gone were the prudish Edwardian morals and beach glamour was born.

Vintage Swimsuits – 1930’s Beach Fashion on Film

Vintage swimsuits in 1930’s film

Restoring old fashion film has become a passion for us. Here’s another. Part of a 1930’s Chevrolet promotional film, there are some good examples of beach fashion and vintage swimsuits of the era.
A spot of fencing thrown in for good measure.

That’s all ! © Glamour Daze

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