1915 Beauty Exercises for the Bust

WW1 Era girls sing to improve bust –


Many women write and ask: “How shall I develop my throat and bust?”
There is one simple exercise that, taken together with deep breathing, will, if persisted in, give any woman who is not in delicate health a fine throat and bust.

Miss Irene Hough kindly consented to pose with her hands in first position.( see below)
The exercises are best performed with your bodice removed or loosened at the front.

Stand on the balls of your feet, throw your head and chin up. This will pull up your abdomen and chest. Take a long, deep breath and, while your lungs are full, bring your hands tightly closed up to your chest.


Then push them straight up in the air with a jerk. This will cause your bust to flex. ( top image). Hold them there while you empty your filled lungs. Bring your hands down to the first position as you see Miss Hough demonstrating.( above)


Fill your lungs again, push hands right out in front of you as though you were beating something back, then empty your lungs.


Now raising your hands over your head, lightly touching the tips of your fingers, then put them back of you, touching the palms.
Now comes the part of the exercise that will probably make your friends think you have suddenly gone insane !
Start to sing at the top of your voice the high notes of the scale, holding the abdomen and keeping your chest high.

Remember, no women have finer throats and finer busts than singers !

Thats all !
©Glamourdaze 2018
Originally published 1915

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