Chaplin’s Film Debut in Color 1914: AI Restored

Charlie Chaplin brought to Life

An unknown Charlie Chaplin’s film debut in color – in front of unsuspecting crowds in 1914. Filmed in Venice LA, California. AI Restored to color and sound. Watch Chaplin’s Film Debut in Color and Sound – 1914 AI restored, colorized and upscaled to 4k resolution and 60 fps. An ambient soundtrack was created for an …

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History of Makeup – A Lady’s Beauty Routine 1916.

The Daily Rituals of Beauty and Makeup in 1916. While the First World War raged on – America’s Photoplay flew the flag of glamour with this delicate  peek behind a society woman’s beauty rituals. The salon de beauts brings to the mademoiselle in distress all the fine art of beautifying and correction to which science …

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