Vintage 1940s Hair Tutorial Book 1943

1940s hair tutorial book

Hats, Hairdos and Makeup 1943

An extremely rare and sought after beauty 1940s hairstyle tutorial book, with specific advice for your type in achieving the best 1940’s look. 48 Page Book. Do and Don’t advice for the 1940’s woman.

1940s Hair Tutorial Tips

  • Complete Do and Don’t Guide for every face shape.
  • Best Hairstyles.
  • Best Hat Styles.
  • Basic lines to conceal or reveal.
  • Girls who wear glasses.
  • Makeup Tips

For each facial type, this book carefully illustrates what to do, what not to do, and why. You can easily learn to apply these principles to become the 1940s woman you’ve longed to be.
A beautiful woman in the 1940s never attained loveliness by the hit or miss method. She knew how to distinguish the right hairdo, the right makeup, and the correct hats.

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