Avon Guide to Perfect Makeup Foundation 1946

Create the Perfect Face 1946 –

The beguiling camouflage make-up foundations give fresh, even color to the feminine faces of more than half of the women today – a big step forward on the past three or four years in makeup artistry.
Correct make-up for the 1940s is no longer a matter of a quick dab of powder, rouge and lipstick; a make-up foundation is a necessity for the many women who depend on it. Here our Avon Lady demonstrates.

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1. Put in on with the fingertips of one hand, spread over the face and whole neck. Apply freely enough to give a thin, even film when spread fully.


2. Spread it out back to the hair line, and down tot he collar of the dress to be worn.
Light, pink-toned foundation for fair skin. Clear, deep coral for medium complexions, and to offset sallow, too-pale skin. A rosy Rachel for light brunettes and blondes with rich coloring. Rich rosy beige, for true brunettes. Dark, rosy tan, for olive-skinned brunettes and/or sun-tanned skin, or for suntan make-up.


3. Press a facial tissue firmly over one area of face and neck, then another. Hold it two or three seconds in each position. Blot, do not rub, to remove excess oil.


4. Pat powder lightly and profusely over the face and neck. Make sure the skin is thoroughly covered. Fluff it over the skin, but never rub it in.
Three little pointers you may want to keep in mind – remember to powder the neck, so that it matches the face in tone. Failure to do this is a common fault, and the result is an incomplete make-up that detracts from a well-groomed appearance. Always use clean powder puffs to avoid infection. Powder goes on more smoothly, too, with a clean puff. Most puffs are washable; disposable cotton makes a good puff, too. Keep a powder one shade lighter in your compact. Then re powdering won’t give a dark, heavily powdered appearance. Whenever possible, cleanse the face thoroughly and use a foundation before re-powdering, or the skin will look coarse, and the powder gummy !


5. With a face powder brush, or clean cotton, brush off the excess powder with light, downward strokes leaving only the powder that clings to the foundation.


6. Never forget to brush the eyebrows. Use a mascara brush or baby’s toothbrush, and with a few strokes your brows will look clean and well-shaped.

That’s all !
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