1940s Makeup – Beautiful Lips and Lipstick Tips


A few Hollywood exercises for glamorous lips plus tips on applying lipstick for your face and nose shape. What your Lips may say about you The face of a otherwise lovely girl can be utterly marred by lips that are too broad, too narrow or just nondescript. Hollywood stars like Marsha Hunt above, practice diction …

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1940s Hollywood Lipstick Applicator


Instant lip glamour in 1949 – From Hollywood comes a sensational new method of lipstick make-up for screen and stage stars, photographers’s models and for your own personal use – Glamour Lips! One of the most difficult make-up problems is made amazingly simple with the Glamour Lips lipstick applicator. This new technique gives you a …

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Makeup to match the Artists Palette

1940s Makeup to match the Artists Palette

Vogue 1940 looks at the colors of great artists – The Lautrec Type: You are the clear skinned redhead, the type Henri de Toulous Lautrec really loved to paint. Your eyes are blue, green, or hazel, your brows are dark, your skin extremely pale. Daytime Lipstick: “Carnelian”; Lucien Lelong. “Flame”;Woodbury “Vivid”;Lentheric “Sporting Pink”; Helena Rubinstein Evening …

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Classic Color 1941 Victory Red Lipstick


Patriotic 1940s Shade by Besame Cosmetics – One cosmetic brand in recent years that has become most associated with the vintage fashion set has to be Besame Cosmetics, and their vivacious red lipsticks are perhaps their standout product. Aussie girl Gabriella aka Nancy Wake models their latest lipstick for Glamourdaze – 1941 Victory Red, with these charming …

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1940s Lipstick Tutorial


Mary Martins Lip Tips on Loveliness 1941- 1940s Makeup – Lipstick Tutorial. – by Carol Carter for Glamourdaze.com Model your lips carefully! Use a deep clear red lipstick. You can make them wider, or shorter, fuller or thinner, to give your face better proportion. If they’re too heavy, use a medium or rose lip rouge …

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Famous 1940s Hollywood Faces and their Make-up


Reference the looks of iconic 1940’s women – In high resolution, a quick peek at some of the most beautiful and iconic female faces in the Hollywood firmament, photographed by some of the greatest photographers of their time. Gazing out at us from the past, with all the red lipstick glamour that the era evokes. What we love …

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Besame Cosmetics scores a hit with Agent Carter


At Vintage Nostalgia Show 2015  Wiltshire – Vintage Nostalgia Show is a unique summer vintage festival in the heart of the UK’s Wiltshire countryside and takes place 29 – 31 May 2015. Now in it’s fourth year, we find vintage cosmetics line Bésame Cosmetics head-lining as official show sponsors for 2015 ! Glamourdaze spoke to …

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The Story of Helena Rubinstein

The Beauty Business of Helena Rubinstein in 1941

A Day in the Life of Helena Rubinstein – How a little girl from Krakow, helped build the 20th Century beauty industry and outsmarted Wall Street. Full of thoughts, Helena Rubinstein begins another day with a bath, followed by rubbing liquid powder over her body. She studies her face in the mirror before applying her makeup. …

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Inside the Tangee Lipstick Factory in 1947


Exclusive peek at the famous lipstick assembly line – In 1947 Life magazines photographer Herbert Gehr paid a visit to the famous Tangee Lipstick manufacturing plant and brought us these rare images. The Tangee Lipstick Factory. Lipstick is manufactured by combining perfumes, color pigments and oils with a wax base, as shown in these pictures …

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