Vintage Avon Lady Beauty Tips 1946

Simple beauty advice for the 1940s woman –


Elbow Tips: Keep them from getting rough by massaging Night Cream over them after applying to your face every evening. Cross arms this way and it only takes a minute. If elbows are dark colored, rub them with lemon juice once a week.


Nail Tips: Frequent gentle buffing helps weak nails. It stimulates circulation in the nail root, which helps to promote a healthy growth of nail. Buffing is also valuable for smoothing out ridges on nails.


Regular Skin Care: The only sure road to beauty is to follow a regular skin care regime. People who are careless cannot have good complexions. The three step process – cleansing cream, skin lotion, and night cream.


Cream Rouge: will not spread over powder, and the effect will be blotchy, uneven, and bright. Apply it directly prior to powder.


Face Powder: Stir up your powder occasionally with an orange-wood stick. When powder is packed in a box or jar, you cannot pick up the right amount with a puff. Stirred powder is light on the puff and goes on more smoothly. A perfect feminine finish for your makeup routine.

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