How to Do 1940’s Makeup – AI Enhanced 1946 [60 fps]

The popular 1940’s makeup tutorial, now AI enhanced using AI Deep Learning, based on artificial Neural Networks. We love how the new clarity at 4k 60 fps brings a new sense of realism to this beloved old film. What do you think?

1940's makeup tutorial film - AI enhanced
1940’s makeup tutorial film – AI enhanced

Ponds beauty consultant Mary Stuyvesant presented these lectures to girls schools across America. She even had a TV show, making her possibly the worlds first television beauty guru.
Here she gives a step by step 1940’s makeup tutorial on how to apply foundation, rouge, lipstick and finally, face powder.

1940’s Makeup Tutorial – AI Enhanced Film

Ponds beauty girl Mary gives a 1940’s makeup lesson

We’ve been AI upscaling some of our old films on the YouTube channel, as well as brand new ones like Gibson Girls 1904. Read about how we do it.

Mary was a Ponds beauty consultant like no other. Little is known about her. She hails from England apparently. She appeared in a Ponds promotional film Good Grooming for Girls. This was filmed in lush color and distributed in 16 mm film to schools throughout America. the original footage is now preserved in the Prelinger Archive.

1946 makeup tutorial for high school girls
1946 makeup tutorial for high school girls

She also had possibly the very first television beauty program. on the WRGB network. Consisting of lectures on makeup, hairstyles, deportment and so on. Little survives of those early TV programs other than some stills.

Read more about Mary Stuyvesant here.

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