1940s Fashion – Winter Underwear in 1942


In 1942, the outdoor girl dressed good and warm Winter underwear in 1942. The silhouette for 1940s foundation wear is breathing room for waistlines, beautiful, uplifted bosoms and a return to the straight and narrow for hips. Life Magazine in 1942 reports on ladies underwear for the ‘sports girl’. Photographs by Gjon Mili The female hothouse …

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Color Archive of 1940s War Era Women


Mouth watering color photographs from Sweden – Glamourdaze always gets a little excited when a new excavation emerges of pictorial gems to add to the photo archive of women’s fashion history, and if those photographs are in color .. well then it’s Christmas come early ! Most of the color slides were taken during World …

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1940s Fashion – 1948 Guide to Foundation wear


1940s Vintage Lingerie advice – Glamourdaze just published a page devoted to the secretive world of vintage lingerie. We’ve chosen excerpts from a book published in 1948 called Foundations for Fashion and provided links to our recommended supplier of faux vintage style undergarments. The guidebook – Foundations for Fashion is an excellent 1940s and 1950s …

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1940’s Fashion Wardrobe – 1942 Summer Styles


All things to all women – 1940s fashion report by Wilhela Cushman Fashion editor of Ladies Home Journal If you simply love a long coat to wear with many summer dresses, your favorite could be this sophisticated green over a printed 1940s frock. (1) The same style dress alone with (2) a big green hat and …

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1940s Fashion – Early Summer Suits 1940


Bette Davis and friends model the latest – 1940s fashion report by Gwenn Walters. A fresh and spirited fashion song is echoed by Bette Davis ( above), whose newest summer costume is previewed for you. A trim dressmaker suit of navy rayon faille conceals a white button-on crocheted lace blouse ‘neath its ribbon hugging jacket. …

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1940s Hollywood Spring Styles 1941


Actress Ann Rutherfords Spring Wardrobe – 1940s Fashion Report by Gwenn Walters – Vivacious Ann Rutherford gives you an exclusive preview of her spring dresses for this season. A parchment beige wool jersey sports frock is Ann’s first choice. Designed by LA’s Louella Ballerino, it is a two piece eye-catcher. The blouse, which features soft …

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1940s Fashion – Vogue Under Twenty Dresses


Four 40s frocks and their doll equivalents – One of the pretty young dancers of the musical show, “Panama Hattie,” is Miriam Franklin, who is wearing a buttoned-bodice dress of beige Juilliard wool and a black velvet halo-hat. Her costume and the others on this post were copied in miniature especially for Vogue. These are shown …

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1940s Fashion – Evening Frock to Day Frock !


Wartime utility fashion advice from Pathe 1943 – Fashion expert Anne Edwards shows us how ! That old dance frock is just a waste of good material in wartime. Lets cut the skirt to a daytime length. Out of the piece of material you cut off, you get the yoke and sleeves for your new …

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