1940s Fall Fashions – Low Bosoms High Prices in 1946

More Women are buying more clothes for more money –

In the country’s custom fashion salons and high-priced stores, with the post war fears of fabric shortages, business in fashion is booming .. and women are in a frenzy of buying, at least those who can afford it.

Shown here are this falls latest silhouettes from top American designers, and they are indeed exciting, after the doom and gloom of wartime. Outstanding fabrics are the tweeds, silks and embroideries which make the gowns look almost as expensive as they actually are !


Dressing up for theatre will mean getting into a suit of luxurious satin or gold-threaded brocades, sometimes mink-trimmed like the outfit on the left from Hattie Carnegie. It costs ..ahem ..$495, and it’s off the rack, not custom made.
Next is a $265 naked-looking white evening creation from Maurice Rentner. Anything worn under the exquisitely beaded lace bodice would spoil the effect. To the right, a much more reasonably priced Adele Simpson gown which concentrates on breast adornment copied from ancient Egypt. The stole is worn back over the shoulders, and it can also be draped over the head. The dress costs $89 and the stole is just $49.


Green, in deep warm shades, is new for fall. This Herbert Sondheim suit is better for exits than entrances because of its dipping fishtail back. The suit costs $90. Next, for men who like their women to look romantic but regal, Mrs Hansen Bang designed this cocktail suit with low-cut front and big bow, all in elegant satin. Price $125. Finally to the right, only glitter on this sleek $250 Hattie Carnegie cocktail suit which comes from synthetic jewelled buttons.

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