1940s Beauty – Eye Make-up Lesson 1941

Mascara, Shadow and Brow Tricks –

1940s Beauty correspondent Carol Carter:


Your eyes may be merry and soulful for the dark winter days ahead. But a little touch of magic from mascara, accents of shadow or wisps of brow pencil will make them appear larger, brighter, deeper and altogether more beautiful and exciting.

This lesson is in two parts. The second is a reference chart for eye makeup to suit your eye color.
But first, here’s actress Diana Lewis to give you a short refresher course on your daily eye beauty routine.

1940s-eye-makeup-class - the brows

Left: Keep your brows neat. Pluck the strays between the eyes and beneath the arches.( apply cream or a cloth wrung out in hot water to the brow before)
Right: Darken your brows subtly with pencil or mascara ( the correct color for your eye color for day and evening, is in the chart below.)


Left: After making up, brush your brows clean of powder and apply a special lash conditioner to give them a healthy, lovely sheen. Keep a separate brush for this purpose.
Right: Begin your shadow at the lash line and blend it upward with finger until it fades into your natural complexion tone.


Left: Mascara ( the magical final touch to a girls eyes) should always be applied in a deft light upward or downward movement following the growth of the eyelashes.
Right: You can postpone ageing lines by keeping the area around the eye well lubricated and massaged with skin cream.

1940s Eye make-up Chart for your Eye Color.

Blue / Grey Blue Eyes – Daytime:

Wear blue, blue grey or violet eye shadow.
If you’re a blonde, brownette or red-head, use brown mascara and brow pencil.

Blue / Grey Blue Eyes – Evening:

Wear deep blue, violet, orchid, blue grey or silver shadow.

Green / Grey Green Eyes – Daytime:

Wear blue green, green or light brown eye shadow. If blonde, brownette or red head, use brown mascara and brown pencil. If brunette, use black mascara and black pencil.
Green / Grey Green Eyes – Evening:

Wear green, mauve, brown or gold shadow. Wear brown, black or green mascara. Use brown or black pencil.

Brown Eyes – Daytime:

Wear red brown, dark brown, mauve or green eye shadow. If blonde, brownette or red head, use brown mascara and brow pencil.
Brown Eyes – Evening:
Wear brown, blue, blue grey or gold eye shadow. If skin is dark, green is intriguing for evenings. Wear brown, black, and green mascara! Use brown or black pencil.

Hazel Eyes – Daytime:

Dorothy lamour---Hazel-eyes
Wear red brown, green or violet eye shadow. If blonde, brownette or red head, use brown mascara and brow pencil. If brunette, use black mascara and pencil.
Hazel Eyes – Evening:
Wear green, violet, brown or gold eye shadow. If skin is fair, use blue or violet. use brown, green, black or blue mascara. Use brown or black pencil.

Amber Eyes – Daytime

Wear golden brown, or green shadow. Wear red brown, golden brown, greens, greys or purple shadows. Use brown pencil and brown pencil.
Amber Eyes – Evening:
Wear golden red shadow, greens or gold eye shadow. Wear purple or black mascara.

How to Shape your Eyes


Small Eyes :
Keep brows apart and lower arches slightly by plucking hairs from upper edges. Accent with brow pencil, slightly heavier under arch.
Apply mascara only on tips of lashes and slightly heavier on outer ones near temples. Emphasise lids faintly with light toned shadow.

Round Eyes:
keep brows natural, but pluck the stragglers. Accent slightly with brow pencil. Extend outer eye corners with brow pencil. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes, emphasising color from center to outer corners. Begin shadow at lash line and blend upwards.

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Deep Set Eyes:
Remove hairs from inner ends of brows, also from below brows to make slight arch. Apply mascara evenly to lashes, using more color on lower row than on the upper. Use shadow faintly along edge of lash line only.

Prominent Eyes:
Keep brows medium thick and fairly close together. remove hairs underneath to make arch. Accent with brow pencil. Use more mascara on upper lashes than on lower ones. Use shadow heavily on lower half of lids and blend upwards to line of the brow.

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