1940s Lipstick Tutorial


Mary Martins Lip Tips on Loveliness 1941- 1940s Makeup – Lipstick Tutorial. – by Carol Carter for Glamourdaze.com Model your lips carefully! Use a deep clear red lipstick. You can make them wider, or shorter, fuller or thinner, to give your face better proportion. If they’re too heavy, use a medium or rose lip rouge …

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1940s Winter Foundation Wear Review


Straight from the Underworld – Nov 1940 – 1940s Winter Foundation Wear. Our time travelling beauty correspondent Carolyn Van Wycks reports from November 1940 with a quick perusal of the latest undergarments for ladies from the leading 1940s foundation wear brands. ” THE NEWS from the outstanding authorities on fall / winter foundation fashions this …

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Film Noir Fashion – a retrospective photoshoot


Photographer revisits femme fatale styles of the 1940s – Just what is it about the allure of those female stars of the 1940s film noir era? Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not, Rita Hayworth in Gilda, Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, Veronica Lake in Blue Dahlia, Joan Bennett in The Woman in the …

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1940s Beauty – Priscilla Lane sells cosmetics for a day.


Actress Priscilla Lane learns how to be a salesgirl – 1941 – In Million Dollar Baby – Priscilla Lane plays a department store salesgirl. To get first hand experience she spent a day incognito at Sears, Roebuck & Co’s big general department store in downtown Los Angeles. At 8.15 she punched in, went to the …

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1940 – Five Steps to Winter Beauty


by Hollywood beauty editor Ann Vernon Luscious Miss Eva Gabor kindly posed for us to show us the five steps to her 1940’s beauty routine – which shows how she reclaims her beautiful July complexion in the cold months of winter. 1. ( above) Eva applies a tinted paste to conceal sallow tan and freckles, keeps make-up …

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1940s Fall Fashions – Maureen O Hara 1943


Glamorous Maureen O Hara models 1940s Autumn dresses – Step into Fall … like Maureen O Hara, wearing a two piece rayon silk in the news making violet blue. the peplum blouse, draped to make you figure beautifully in any gathering, ties on one side. An Edna Vilm design from Saks Fifth Avenue. Shoes – …

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1940s Beauty & Makeup – From Summer to Autumn


 Virginia Mayo shares her Fall beauty tips for 1948 – Sterling 1940s beauty advice from Virginia Mayo, on how to use foundation and powder in dealing with a fading summer tan! With the first whisper of Autumn, a revolution in color takes place. Our whole outside world changes from lush greens to tawny shades. Inside …

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Ann Rutherford – Beauty and the Beach 1941


Enjoy the sun, sand and sea … and bring your lipstick and mascara! – 1940s beauty report – Denise Caine  for Glamourdaze.com There can be something pretty bewitching about a girl on a sunny beach, as these pictures of Ann Rutherford ( Andy hardy / Gone with the Wind star and soon to be seen …

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The Day Carole Lombard Died


Hollywood star Carole Lombard’s tragic death in 1942- January 16th – 1942 “I have seen flames around the plane and there seems to be nobody alive.” Out of far west vastnesses eight thousand feet above the Nevada-California line, came a witness’s horrified sentence, blasting out the shocking news. On that plane were 15 soldiers. Carole …

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1940’s Bombshell Hair and Make-up Looks to try from 1942


1940’s Hair and Make-up Secrets for your Face Type – Over on Vintage Make-up Guide.com – 1940s Modern Screen beauty expert Carol Carter shows you how to match your given face with a glamorous Hollywood star in make-up and hairstyle. Simple hairstyle and make-up tips for your particular face type. If you have a square …

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