1940s Winter Foundation Wear Review

Straight from the Underworld – Nov 1940 – 1940s Winter Foundation Wear. Our time travelling beauty correspondent Carolyn Van Wycks reports from November 1940 with a quick perusal of the latest undergarments for ladies from the leading 1940s foundation wear brands. ” THE NEWS from the outstanding authorities on fall / winter foundation fashions this …

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1940s Beauty & Makeup – From Summer to Autumn


 Virginia Mayo shares her Fall beauty tips for 1948 – Sterling 1940s beauty advice from Virginia Mayo, on how to use foundation and powder in dealing with a fading summer tan! With the first whisper of Autumn, a revolution in color takes place. Our whole outside world changes from lush greens to tawny shades. Inside …

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The Day Carole Lombard Died


Hollywood star Carole Lombard’s tragic death in 1942- January 16th – 1942 “I have seen flames around the plane and there seems to be nobody alive.” Out of far west vastnesses eight thousand feet above the Nevada-California line, came a witness’s horrified sentence, blasting out the shocking news. On that plane were 15 soldiers. Carole …

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