1940s Hairstyle – Copy The Top Hairdos of 1941

Follow Hollywood’s lead to 1940’s hairdos –


9 Top 1940’s Hairdos to copy. Hairstyles of the likes of Greer Garson, Laraine Day, Lynn Bari, Carole Landis and Eleanor Powell. Victory rolls were just around the corner girls !

Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940s fashion !!

1940's fashion history

Hats and hairstyles of the 1940’s, have teamed up so you don’t have to re-do your hair for every hat you wear. The smartest coiffures contrive to conform with and flatter bonnets and, returning the courtesy hats – from the generous off-the-face versions to pillbox hats that jut forward – are shallow and small crowned to sit lightly on the head and give full play to your chosen hairstyle.

1940’s hairdos – Greer Garson

1940’s hairdos – Greer Garson 1941

You can be your own hairstylist this winter if you select one of the simple, up to the minute 1940’s hairdos illustrated above.

1940’s hairdos – Mary Beth Hughes

1940’s hairdos – Mary Beth Hughes 1941

Greer Garson and Mary Beth Hughes like the pompadour in its modified version which isn’t too high or difficult to keep in place. You can achieve this clean swept wave with a few pin curls or curlers.

1940’s hairdos – Eleanor Powell

1940’s hairdos – Eleanor Powell 1941

Eleanor Powell‘s gleaming coif illustrates the side pomp version which is so flattering to girls with well-moulded features. You can set these rolls to hold firmly by pinning two rows of pin curls to a side, winding each row in a different direction. When the curls are combed out, they interlock and hold better.

Anna Neagle

1940’s hairdos – Anna Neagle 1941

You can give a long bob an up-swept look by bringing up the side strands and folding them flatly against the temple, as done by Anna Neagle. Your back hair can drift into soft end curls or it may be brushed into satiny smoothness with the ends turned under as Mary Beth Hughes wears hers.

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1940's hairstyles - tutorials
1940’s hairstyles – tutorials

Peggy Moran 1941 Hairstyle

1940’s hairdos – Peggy Moran

Peggy Moran shows how attractive casual locks look when caught back with a barrette o tied up with a ribbon. At night, tuck fresh flowers in your clasp.

Laraine Day Hairdo

1940’s hairdos – Laraine Day 1941

The younger stars love bangs because they are so versatile. For evening Laraine Day wears long, wavy bangs, beginning high on her head and caught and tied with a demure ribbon bow. Her hair is brushed high in back and molded into soft curls. Many stars prefer large, puffed-under bangs that amount to a reverse pompadour, but you’ll also see lots of straight, severe bangs, feather bangs like Greer Garson’s, bangs massed in ringlets and many other variations.

1940’s hairdos – Carole Landis

1940’s hairdos – Carole Landis

Then there are the close cropped hair styles that are casual and easy to manage and enchantingly feminine with their flattering ringlets and waves. Carole Landis wears a sleek, flattering coiffure of this type for evening.

Una Merkel

1940’s hairdos – Una Merkel 1941

Una Merkel favors a slightly longer variation with ringlet top curls and a smooth roll behind her ears.

Lynn Bari Hairstyle

1940’s hairdos – Lynn Bari 1941

Smart coifs for girls with longish hair or hair that’s growing out has always been a problem. Lynn Bari‘s flattering halo arrangement can be achieved if you have very long hair or a false braid to exactly match your own locks.

Another brand-new style for evening is to bring the hair up into a high coiled bun tied with a ribbon or accented with an ornament or flowers. Your front hair should be thinned and shaped so the coif can be softened with top-notch curls, puffy bangs or a pompadour.

So girls, why not sit down and experiment with Hollywood’s hairdos, trying all the new rolls, curls and twists that make modern hairstyles so lovely?

Best 1940’s Hairstyles for face shapes

1940’s hairstyles for face shapes – Bette Davis
  • Oval face – keep coiffure simple. Bring hair off temples and brows and emphasize your oval contours.
  • Round face – add to its length by building your hair full and soft above the ears with curls and waves.
  • Square face – keep your hair soft and full at the sides to soften the jawline. Loose fluffy waves help.
  • Thin face – get a more oval contour with a side part and by fluffing your hair at the sides.
  • Long face – steer clear of big up-dos ( even though they are popular now). Go instead for bangs and look both different and attractive.
  • High forehead – keep your hair smooth at top, bringing the hair in slightly at the temples.
  • Diamond face – keep your hair fullness both above and below the ears, dressing the hair close to the cheeks.

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