Easy Edwardian Hairstyle in 10 Minutes

 Pompadour with Psyche knot –  in 8 Steps! –

8 Simple Steps to an Edwardian hairstyle.
1911 model shows you how.

Do you have long hair?  Fancy a Downton Abbey Look? Then you can quickly create a classic Edwardian hairstyle look from this rare little pictorial hairstyle guide for women found in Girls Own 1911.
Note: The illustrations show the right side of this young woman’s hair being pinned into place.
The Pompadour was named for Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), mistress of King Louis XV.

The Pompadour.

Remove partings and make partings
Remove tangles

1.Remove all the tangles and then make a parting, commencing at the forehead -then run backward through the center and over the top of the head, but never down the back!

Make four partings
Make three partings

2.Make a second and then a third parting. Begin the second on the line of the first parting roughly two and one-half inches from the forehead. Run it down the left side of the head and terminate it an inch behind the ear. Make the third parting like the second, starting at the same point, and then finishing about an inch behind your right ear.


3.You now have your hair is split in three divisions,two front ones and a back portion. Now before creating the pompadour, all that back hair must be carefully combed and then tied back so it won’t be in the way. Start putting your pompadour up now.

Brush in to a pompadour
Brush in to a pompadour

4.To begin with – smooth the left side, brush it forward, then brush up and finally back into an exciting pompadour shape.
Fasten the pomp to the top of your head with a hair-pin. Now smooth the hair out on the right side, brushing it up into a pompadour and then pin securely at the top of the head, near to the place where the left side was fastened.

When the pompadour is made, pull out the hair carefully with your hands and cover up the three partings.

The Final touch – the Psyche Knot.

(GD: The standard – albeit mysterious method of placing the hair during the late Victorian and Edwardian era! The Chignon knot is similiar in that it is worn near the nape of the neck in a conical coil)

Tie and twist into conical coil
Tie and twist into conical coil

5.Now your hair is ready to tie the psyche knot. Comb out the pompadour ends. Untying the back hair, comb both it and the ends of the pompadour together. Brushing your long hair up – you now tie it with a small black ribbon, plum to the head, and roughly two inches above the nape of the neck. After you have tied your hair in place, begin twisting the coil into shape.


6. Lift the twisted coil upwards to the the top of the head, and shape into the ‘psyche effect’. Secure it with two or three hair-pins. Then continue twisting the remaining hair until it is all used. Remembering at the same time to coil it loosely around the first part of the psyche knot. The secure the completed psyche knot with hair pins.

The final coiffure
The final coiffure

7.Complete your coiffure, fastening a wide slide just under the psyche knot or as in our girls case – two plain tortoiseshell pins!

Fashionable Hair bands for 1911
Fashionable Hair bands for 1911

8. The new look for 1911 is to wear a band of gold braid mounted on a velvet band as an ornament, trimmed with narrow ribbon velvet and gold braid.

Finally – watch this excellent Youtube tutorial from Vintagious. She appears to have used the same tutorial from 1911, as this article was published in a copy of Girls Own from the same year.

That’s all !

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