1960s Fashion – The New York Look 1969

Bold, Beautiful and Young –


The London Look may have typified the mod Sixties, but now at the tail of the decade, it is America once again, on the wing of the hippy revolution, where style takes precedence.

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New York City is a costume party for the young this summer, a party that is taking place outdoors, on the streets and in the parks. Long hair, long legs. The party is not always elegant, but it is completely alive.


It’s hard to tell the boys from the girls sometimes too, as they are both in bell bottoms. All the girls wear eclectic, what they want to wear, when they want to wear it, from the shortest skirts to the longest skins. How New Yorkers look depends on where they go. The ferry is different from a Seventh Avenue lunch stand – and different yet again from Central Park.

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The look is not what New York calls sophisticated, but even so, it catches the eye. Many of the girls seem to get their kicks with makeup. They wear it anywhere — absolutely anywhere.

The important thing is to express yourself. Depending on your talents you can do it with a 25-key soprano Melodica or a long, cool stare. You choose. The New York look is a celebration of the self.


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Photographs © Vernon Merritt Time Inc for Life Magazine

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