1967 Summer of Love Wardrobe Inspiration.

1967 Summer of Love Wardrobe Inspiration


These dream 1960’s “Budget Summer Wardrobes” would look stylish on a girl right now in 2013. Each of these fresh as a summer breeze wardrobes were picked to come under $100 in 1967. With annual inflation averaging at 3% , these wardrobes would come in around $700 now – which is ..er ..quite expensive for summer fripperies.
I think clothes are definitely cheaper now with globalization and cheap production from Asia, so I think you could fix yourself up  a wardrobe as good as and probably superior to these girls now for around $500 in today’s money.

So get your inspiration for selecting co-ordinates from these pictures and then head over to our favorite vintage style shop at Modcloth
to try and match the looks.
Find co-ordinate’s  like these for your summer holiday and you’ll look as retro hip and pretty as a paper doll!


Vintage 1960s fashion labels featured here include Jantzen, Smartee, Dida Scott, Victor Bijou.
Accessories by Bryans point d’esprit [Tights] , Capezio shoes, Golo sandals.


Vintage 1960s fashion labels featured here include Catalina, Lady Van Heusen, Swirl, Jovi.
Shoes from Grekors, Iniroyal Keds, and Gola.

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2 thoughts on “1967 Summer of Love Wardrobe Inspiration.”

  1. The orange-and-striped mini dress and mini pants by Crazy Horse? I had that outfit back in the day! (and cute little Capezio flats. The hair I had to work on, I tried my best to get that Jane Asher/Patty Boyd ‘bump’). Cute little A-line cotton shifts and tent or trapeze dresses, too. I don’t think something like that really goes out of style.

  2. I love that I got away with wearing hotpants outfits in 11th grade (1970-71). The admin had just started letting us weat pants finally and my outfits were extremely conservative, but short! Wish I had legs that nice now, and that figure. I was in marching band and walked a mile to get home so I was in great shape then.

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